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Fortunately, the prohibition here made the gods lost, otherwise Lin Sheng might have been discovered by this person when he came in.

"What happened recently?" Hundreds of years ago, I haven’t heard that the strong have surfaced in succession, and there are four great deities, all of whom are going against the sky. Are there really going to be a big’ chaos’ coming? "Looking at the eyes was staring at a wall middle-aged strong Lin Sheng heart secretly thought.
Lin Sheng looked around and found that this person was staring at the wall and actually carved a picture, but he couldn’t understand what it was.
However, the road of brilliance in this original dark’ hole’ is particularly dazzling.
And a large group of’ elite’ banned elders are busy pointing at the wall pictures and telling where some of their ideas are sometimes pointing.
"It seems that the painting should be banned as they say. It seems that there is a door to enter. If you want to enter it, you must first ban it." Lin Sheng’s interest in this thing has increased at this time, and he is constantly looking at it. Anyway, everyone’s gods are banned and he is not worried about being discovered by others
Lin Sheng quietly approached again. It was dark and there were many people at this time. Everyone was saying something. Naturally, no one noticed Lin Sheng.
Lin Sheng walked into a few minutes and finally saw what the wall picture was.
A vast river is constantly roaring with huge waves, and the magnificence of the waves is beyond words.
"This ….." Lin Sheng once again one leng this familiar picture he has seen thousands of times almost a sleep is to be able to dream about this picture!
This is exactly what he saw in his dream. The picture "wave" is magnificent, and the river is huge.
"How is that possible! Ah! I am so heartbroken! " Lin Sheng suddenly felt as if his heart had been pounded by something, and as if his heart had escaped, the pain filled Lin Shengshen.
He has become stupefied as if he were possessed by evil spirits.
"This place belongs to me … this place belongs to me. The Lins belong to the Lins …" Lin Sheng’s mind roared hysterically.
Lin Sheng almost couldn’t control himself and was about to shout out, but in the end, a trace of reason was touched by him and the idea of yelling was suppressed, and then he didn’t hesitate to fly directly to the outside of the’ hole’ mouth. If he stayed here for half an hour, Lin Sheng almost couldn’t control himself.
Out of the’ hole’ mouth, if Lin Sheng’s madness breaks away directly, I don’t know where he went. He is still difficult to calm his mood at this time. That terrible pain and sadness made him extricate himself from the roar of the river. All of them were left in Lin Shengxin.
Lin Sheng didn’t know how far he had run and saw a stream in front of him without hesitation. Lin Sheng directly fell from it and rushed into the stream.
"plop!" Lin Sheng directly submerged in the water, and a chill finally made Lin Sheng wake up gradually. Lin Sheng sank to the bottom of the stream, which was freezing cold and kept Lin Sheng awake.
Lin Sheng slowly recalled what had just happened, that great grief, that unwilling roar.
"What happened just now? What perception tells me that there is a hidden secret that may be in my Lin family? Is that place really with my Lin family? " Questions constantly emerged in Lin Shengxin.
"Who can tell me what this is all about!" Lin Shengyi’s angry body was vented by him, and the river was directly blown from the bottom of the stream and swept away directly.
"ah! !” The continuous bursting of the river made the stream around Lin Sheng hit the middle school and then fell back into the stream again.
"Look! What’s that! ? The water god is angry! The water god is angry! " The loud noise directly woke up the ordinary residents living around. Someone soon noticed that many people came to the stream not far away.
Panic to the extreme where these ordinary residents have seen such a scene, one by one scared and trembled all over.
Many people prepare livestock incense wax and burn incense by the stream, kneeling down and begging.
They took Lin Sheng’s roar as an angry’ fan’ of the water god, believing that they burned incense and prayed that no disaster would befall them.
Lin Sheng didn’t expect that his roar actually caused such a big panic among these villagers. Calm down, and the river slowly recovered its calm as usual. There will be no more "waves" and no more explosion sounds.
Seeing themselves burning incense, these villagers finally breathed a sigh of relief, and they didn’t go home to rest and work until dawn.
Lin Shengze stayed at the bottom of the stream and constantly recalled the scenes that happened before.
Even if you leave a message of * _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
[2] ancestors
? I stayed underwater for a whole day until the next evening when Lin Sheng jumped from the bottom of the stream and hurried back to Huiyang Lins when no one was around.
But the scenes I saw last night have been deeply imprinted on Lin Sheng’s heart, and the ancient array has great attraction and summoning power for him.
Lin Sheng vowed to find out this matter. There may be a great secret hidden in the Lins’ family, and such a secret is that Lin Sheng and his father Lin Yun may not know it.
Returning to the Lins’ Lin Sheng did not disturb people, but returned to his yard and sat quietly on the stone chair in the courtyard, meditating.
"The strength of the Magic Emperor’s Gate is unfathomable. If the Lins confront each other head-on, even if they have the alliance strength, they will be weakened. It seems that they can repeat the old trick and let others see the news again, so that they can touch the fish in muddy water!" In the end, Lin Sheng still didn’t come up with any better way to decide to repeat the old trick again, first to "mix" and "mess" the situation for him and then to rescue Fang Tiannan before planning.
Call Ghost Smile to plan himself. He said it again and thought it was feasible. Then Ghost Smile went to arrange it.
Lin Shengze went to Duan Xin’s closed place to see Duan Xin.
Duan Xin’s practice of mountain’ hole’ At this time, Guanghua has not diminished. The outside of the’ hole’ has long been covered by vines. The breath of life emitted by Duan Xin’s practice directly makes all the vegetation around it grow wildly. At this time, the trees are so thick that their faces are so big that Lin Sheng feels a little incredible. He thinks that if some spiritual medicines are planted here, it will not be long before they can grow to a jaw-dropping level.
Lin Sheng, the vine that broke the’ hole’ mouth, got into the’ hole’ mouth and found that the cocoon was already much smaller at this time, but it was still tightly wrapped in Duan Xin, and the breath of Duan Xin had reached a peak at this time.
The peak of wusheng!
With enough energy to support Duan Xin’s repair, it can be said that it is a thousand miles in a day. If there is enough chance, Duan Xin will definitely be able to successfully advance to the realm of Wu Zong!
Moreover, it is a double-field Oriental martial arts repair that breaks through Wu Zongsheng’s life and magic repair is promoted to the realm of sanctuary. In this case, Duan Xin’s strength is far stronger than that of the general Wu Zongsheng or a single sanctuary.
"I don’t know how long it will take …" Lin Shengwang whispered in Duan Xin’s mouth as the cocoon became more holy.
At this time, the true qi cocoon is being absorbed by Duan Xin at a very slow speed. Because it has reached the peak of Wu Sheng, Duan Xin’s absorption speed of these energies is also slow. However, once it is necessary to break through the boundary of Wu Zong, it is bound to absorb these energies and then launch a charge to break through to the boundary of Wu Zong.
Stay here for about an hour. Lin Sheng has returned home again. Ghost Laughter has come back. Just now, Lin Sheng told him to leak the news of the magic emperor’s door. He has already found someone to do it.
Three days later, the magic emperor’ door’ found a mysterious ban in Nanshan, Liujia, and attempted to send a message. It was all over the fairy continent!
Not only some big powers got the news, but even the teahouse in the people’s alley was discussed by people.
The eyes of the major forces once again set their sights on the magic emperor’s’ door’ and the magic emperor’s’ door’ felt the pressure doubled. Almost every day these days, people with major forces quietly sneaked into the ancient array to find out.
At the beginning, all the major powers sent some people to detect the peak of King Wu or the early stage of Master Wu to prevent unnecessary losses, but with one exception, none of them came back to play. If people evaporate, it generally seems that they are already run.
No one is allowed to offend them in this way, and they don’t want anyone to know the news.
However, the disappearance of the first batch of people not only did not make the major powers let go of it, but became more interested in it. Then they sent the second batch of experts to the first batch. Compared with the people sent this time, they were a big difference, and their strength was fully increased by a level. Some of them were the strong guanyu, and even the strong guanyu peak entered.
But still no one came back.
This major power department is furious, and it also verifies a message that the magic emperor’s "door" is indeed a big move at the ancient array of Nanshan in Liujia!
Can let the strength so earth magic emperor’ door’ so seriously what is hidden? Just think about it and you will already know that the major forces are rushing forward like moths to the ancient array of Liu’s Nanshan.
Even the strength of the earth magic emperor’ door’ is feeling the pressure at this time!
For this news, the top officials of the "dew" magic emperor "door" were furious, and finally the matter was thoroughly investigated, which led to the discovery of some clues. Even the strong warrior who pursued the ghost laugh that day was directly given death.
At this time, there is one more person in the ancient position of the town of Liujia. This person Lin Sheng happens to know that it was Lin Sheng who met the ink west in the young strong competition!
At this time, Ink West is in high spirits because the magic emperor’ door’ has sent him and another strong man from Wu Zong to guard here. At this time, Ink West is already the former ink east of his brother and has broken through to the realm of Wu Zong!
In the first place, the prestige of Zongming climbed up step by step and was sent to guard such an important place. It also said that the magic emperor’ door’ attached importance to him
This person is extremely malicious and complete, and almost all the experts who come to detect the major forces died in his hands!
The important’ sex’ of two strong men guarding this place can be seen!
The news that the major forces were beaten and suffered heavy losses kept coming back to Lin Sheng’s ears, but Lin Sheng did not feel guilty at all. These forces were completely caused by their own greed and could not blame others.
And Lin Sheng eye at this time is also has reached the magic emperor’ door’ desperate to hide the secret of the ancient array and kill a large number of major forces the strong has been completely caused public outrage! There are even some forces outside that have formed some small circles and are ready to unite.
Of course, more is to join the ASEAN established by Lin Sheng, and the ASEAN forces are in full swing, which is naturally the best choice for major powers to seek asylum.
But the worst thing is that the major forces of the Liu family were beaten by the magic emperor’s door, but they vented their anger to the Liujiatou area. A special Liu family, if it can be compared with the major forces, will suffer heavy losses and be almost wiped out by the major forces in a few days. At this time, the root of the magic emperor’s door is not in charge of their lives. Anyway, the secret of the ancient array has been exposed, so there is no need to take the Liu family here to say what xuankuang to mine, and the strength of the Liu family will tell the truth.