"If you want revenge, don’t wait until Yuan’s betrayal. At that time, we have a chance and don’t take risks or destroy the Qingtianbao."

"What do you think?"
Su Lie frowned for a moment before saying, "What do you have in mind?"
A magnetic energy car stopped in front of a mansion in the family residence in the urban area. It used to be a family residence of Qin surname, but then the family disappeared and no one lived here.
Recently, it has been cleaned up and dedicated to the investigation team of the Golden Court.
Xiao Jin, who is thirty-five years old this year, got out of the car and walked towards the building door with a cold face.
Behind him are two members of the investigation team, a man and a woman, both in their early twenties.
They just came back from the boundary, looking a little tired but not having a rest.
After entering the building, I didn’t go to the bedroom, but walked to the office room that had been changed.
"Boss, there must be something wrong with this giant castle. Some of the consumables they sent to the opposite world were life-sustaining materials."
The young man in his twenties walked and said, "But when we went to investigate, these materials were missing, and we couldn’t even say where to send them. We would make excuses."
The female player also said, "I have compared the list of consumables in Lighthouse and Yunxiang bases, and there is no record of life-sustaining materials in the last six months."
"And the amount of that batch of materials is not enough for three or four people to make such a problem come. What is the need to hide such a little material? Is there any ulterior secret behind it?"
The male player nodded, "Maybe it’s a skin preparation."
Xiao Jin, who is mature and steady, said, "Don’t guess without substantial evidence, it will affect our judgment."
"We are an investigation team, and our work is to search for evidence objectively and fairly and give it to the court, and finally they will judge it, not us."
The two players exchanged glances and said "got it, boss"
Before they came to the office, they hit a girl with two braids from the inside, and a gust of wind seemed to rush out of the room, only to find someone outside exclaiming that they couldn’t stop walking towards Xiao Jin.
Xiao Jin calmly reached out and caught her and said, "Xiaoqin, where are you going rashly?"
Call xiaoqin girl cried when she saw that it was Xiao Jin and took Xiao Jin’s hand and said, "Boss, come and see. We just received an encrypted image."
"Encrypted images?"
Xiao Jin is not as worried as she is. "Has it been decrypted? What is it? "
"Decrypted" Xiaoqin’s expression is like seeing a ghost. "You may not believe that I can’t solve this image password or it will be lifted by itself."
"Oh?" Xiao Jin did have some surprises when he heard this. In front of him, this girl in this investigation group is a master of passwords, but she is proficient in all kinds of passwords.
It’s really surprising that there will be a password that she can’t solve.
Walking into the office, there was an image on the wall projection screen that was about to be played. Xiaoqin was in a hurry to play the image, but Xiao Jin stopped it.
"Switch our room to the independent system first and then encrypt it before playing it."
Xiaoqin nodded and took out a board. After a drill, he nodded, "It’s the boss."
"Play it"
A young woman appeared on the wall projection screen. She has blue and red eyes that are unforgettable at first sight.
She looked at the camera a little stiffly. "Do I have to say it?"
I don’t know if I got a response. After a few seconds, she investigated her emotions and calmly faced the camera. "My name is Xue Yan, and I am a general of Black Star Castle. At that time, we lost the Black Star Castle in the fortress war, and another general and I became a prisoner."
"The original Qingtianbao wanted to persuade us to surrender, but we were wrong, and we soon ushered in a hellish day."
Xiao Jin squinted slightly and said, "Go and check this person."
Xiaoqin nodded and picked up the board face just now.
Snow Yan in the wall projection screen continued
"First we were suppressed, and then we installed a pocket bomb in Qingtianbao."
"Then we were injected with a lot of tranquilizers and spent every day in a daze. If this is the case, we will suddenly wake up one day, but it is definitely not a pleasant experience."
"Wei Chengzhou, the iron wall unified school of Qingtianbao in a strange hall in the Beidou base, is the project host."
"He asked the director of the experiment to put something in our body."
"Alien will model!"
Xiao Jin and others in the office looked stunned. Although they came here for this matter, they still felt shocked when they heard a’ victim’ state what had happened to them.
"They copied the incomplete will model by some means and then added it to our body to realize the dialogue between different gods and obtain some information and knowledge."
"That’s where the expedition plan came from. I got a map from Yuan Shu’s netherworld and compared it with other gods’ information to convince him that it was a road map to the grave!"
"My companions and I had to go on an expedition. When I was awake, I heard Wei Chengzhou and Lin Quan talking and knew that they had dedicated our skins to the gods in the grave."
"Qingtianbao believes that he can control different gods and gain superior strength and knowledge with the help of different gods."
"And all this is going on in secret. What is the expedition plan? Storm Corps Yuan Shu’s adopted daughter general Fei Mei doesn’t know."
"Fortunately, we were rescued on the way, but unfortunately my companion died and was killed by a bomb in Weichengzhou."
"And in the grave world, I was almost caught by Wei Chengzhou. Until then, he still didn’t give up his plan and still planned to give my skin to other gods."
"Ladies and gentlemen of the investigation team, if you go to Beidou base, if you can find nymphs when the expeditionary force comes back, I believe that the base and this person will give you the answers you want."
"And I believe that even if the expedition plan fails, Yuan Shu will not give up this plan. Now he knows the location of the tomb and may launch another expedition in a few years."
"You must stop him!"
The video ends here.
Xiaoqin groaned and cried, "It deleted itself!"
Xiao Jin stood in silence for a moment before saying, "Xiaoqin, you and the Chamber of Deputies need reinforcements. We need at least two strong men with three ranks to come."
"In addition, Huan Xiaoya, you inform Glacier to secretly go to Beidou base to find a way to sneak in and see if you can find some clues."