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Then it ran to a rock wall and dug up.

"… then let’s go on." The scholar came to the moving point pointed by the creature, and after the light flashed, it came to a new place.
"You must listen to us!" "Yes!" "Against the war!" "Let’s go to Ann!" "We shouldn’t be here!"
As soon as I came here, I heard a lot of shouting. There was a huge metal wall in front of the scholars. This wall was different from the usual pure white, but it seemed to be rusted and covered with rust marks.
A large group of creatures gathered on this wall and kept shouting, but it seemed that the wall didn’t respond.
The one who takes the lead in this group of creatures is the one who has seen it on the front screen. Atlantean thinks it’s interesting, and Atlantean will be caught here by the captors.
But it is also possible.
"They didn’t respond!" "What should we do?"
After calling for half a day, all the creatures here are lost, and the leader Atlan said, "Don’t give up! There must be too few creatures here! We must call all living creatures here to you … "
As he spoke, he just turned his head and looked this way, and at the same time he saw the moving point scholar
"Are you new here? Great! Join us in opposing this war! "
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-two Changes in the picture
"I …"
In the face of this Atlan invitation, scholars just wanted to say something …
Boom!’ Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and all biological attention was immediately attracted to the place where it sounded.
Seeing that the wall was covered with rust marks, it suddenly disappeared and showed a star view. It seems that this wall is actually a screen.
"oh! They finally responded! " Atlan immediately turned to the changing landscape screen and shouted, "Now on behalf of the creatures here, I ask you to put us in a safe place before the war!"
Although the picture has changed, it seems that there is still no response.
"Look at the map," Lin said to the scholar. "Look at where it is. Maybe there is an introduction."
"Oh … Yes" Scholars have heard that when the map pops up, there are also a lot of introduction materials on the map.
It is described in the introduction that this is a place called’ wait-and-see exchange point’
Specifically, it is not a square, which is 60 meters long, 60 meters wide and 20 meters high, and one wall is a screen.
If you want to communicate with the captors, they will usually respond unless you go to the back of the warship or other places to find those tentacles and talk to the screen here.
But this time …
"What don’t you respond? Say less whether you agree or disagree! " Atlan seems to be yelling at this screen angrily, but there is no response.
Lin looked at the creatures here. There are 26 creatures here, including Atlan. This number is a little … less.
Obviously, not all the pre-celebratory creatures have joined this activity. Lin thinks they probably hold this idea … The creatures here don’t want to resist the captors even if the next situation may threaten them.
Maybe it’s because they’re doing well here. If they don’t attack, it seems that everything is quite free
So the creatures here like this kind of life, and they don’t want to cause any other situation.
"I didn’t respond …" After calling for half a day, Atlan seemed to give it up and said to the surrounding creatures, "Now there’s no way out. Let’s dissolve everyone for the time being and go back and find more friends to come here, and then we’ll …"
"There’s something on the screen!" A creature suddenly shouted a.
"What?" Atlan hurriedly turned back to look at it and saw an aircraft in a star picture.
Then two and three more and more aircraft appeared in the picture.
These aircraft are the kind that Lin and the scholar saw on the back of the warship. There are a lot of them, but there seems to be more in this picture.
They appear in large numbers from the screen, from the first few to dozens, and then hundreds of them finally gather in the picture.
"Why are there so many … isn’t this …" Atlan looked at the picture in surprise and cried, "Is this display … the scenery outside?"
"This is the outside situation!" A stereo went up. Lin remembered that this was the front image of stinkbug’s biological sound.
But stinkbug isn’t here. It’s here through the com. Lin thinks it may be … the back of a warship.
"Did you see it?" Atlan asked stinkbug, "Are these flying machines …"
"The aircraft outside have a new move!" Stinkbug tense voice wear up, "I … now on the back of the warship! You can see that these aircraft are flying quickly in front of the warship as if … they are going to do something! "
"This is the war …" Atlan immediately shouted, "You continue to pay attention to the situation there and you get the playback equipment quickly!"
"Yes … yes!"
With that, several creatures ran to the scholar’s side. They took a look at the scholar and walked into the moving point.
"This is the end of us …" Atlan anxiously looked at the moving point and kept making sounds like talking to himself. "What are we going to do? How are we going to live? I don’t want to …"
"Excuse me …" The scholar said, "You are … called Rosalie, right? I want to ask you some questions. "
"Why?" Atlan looked at the scholar and said, "I’m not in the mood to answer any questions now. What kind of creature are you …?"
"What kind of creature?" Scholars said doubtfully
"We … forget it, it doesn’t matter," Atlan said. "Generally speaking, we are going to be involved in a war now. You should understand that this matter is serious to us …"
"It appears!"
Suddenly there was a scream in the creature. Atlan immediately turned to look and turned to blink. It also froze.
See a water polo in the center of the screen.
"It … it … appeared?" Atlan recovered from the shock and immediately picked up a disc-shaped thing and shouted, "Did you see anything?" We see water polo here! "
"What? Water polo? " Stinkbug sound came from the disc. "I have reached the head of the warship and found no water polo … but these aircraft and those ice creatures all flew forward, and almost all of them flew to the front of the warship …"
"So the water polo shown here is not a real image, but those flying machines are real?" Atlan said, "Always keep an eye on the situation."
Stinkbug replied, "I know!"
"I want to ask …" The scholar looked at them as if they had finished and asked, "How did you know that the catcher was going to attack that … water polo? Did they tell you? "
"This is what I saw from the library," Atlan said. "You are new here, don’t you? The captors will show the warship’s forward target in the library."
"After I found out that they were going to attack the water polo, I was going to call on everyone to tie it up … but it seems a little late … why hasn’t the photographic equipment come yet?"
"coming!" As soon as Atlan finished speaking, the scholar’s side flashed, and the creatures who had just gone to get the equipment appeared again.
And now they are all carrying a lot of photographic props.
"It’s a good background," Atlan pointed to the picture behind it. "We have to make another announcement. Seeing this picture, there must be a lot of creatures willing to join …"