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Just being poked by a laser, but flying high in an instant, I turned around and smiled gently at everyone, then turned to look at Loki who was dumbfounded.

"I am surprised, alien friend. I officially announce that you have been arrested for many crimes. You have kept silent, but everything you say will be used in court."
Chapter 266 You say you are a god?
The appearance of goofy made Loki suspect that he was on the wrong set for the first time-is this really the earth?
A native (? Loki, a native of Asgard, has an innate sense of superiority in his bones.
Asgard is the most sacred and powerful country among the nine realms.
(Nine Realms of Asgard, Warner Heim, Warner Protoss, Elf Heim, Midgard, Jotunheim Giant, Wattheim Dwarf, Heim Dead, Nilfheim Fog, Musbelheim fire nation)
The earth is called "Midgard" by Asgard. Although it is located in the center of the nine realms, it is a mortal country.
Asgard is a sacred land, and Asgard people are powerful.
The earth is a mortal country, and people on the earth are vulnerable.
Loki knew from an early age that the earth’s hands are tied with chicken, and the skin is soft and the bones are fragile. They have an average life span of several decades, and wind, frost, rain and snow can kill them.
People in Asgard are just like ants compared with people on earth, and Loki is not an ordinary Asgard. He boasts the God of Asgard (however, he actually adopts …).
But in the sight of an earthling, he attacked and came back to life. His staff gave off enough conan the destroyer laser to kill an earthling!
To know the power of this staff, even if it kills Asgard people, it is not difficult, but a mere earth person actually has this staff alive!
Loki looked at the earth in disbelief and shock.
"You are not from the earth, are you?" Loki asked speculatively, then pointed to the fantastic four around him and said, "You should all be different from the earth."
How can the earth people come back to life? How can you have a variety of abilities?
However, Goofy shrugged his shoulders.
"I’m sorry, alien friend. I think you rushed to our planet before you figured out the real strength of the earth. We are all natives of the earth."
Thunderstorm Johnny galloped from it and flew high and sneered, "Yes, we are all earthlings!" "
Then he pointed to Loki’s nose and asked, "Who are you?"
"Who am I?" Loki cold hum a stick in his hand held high and announced to the people around him, "I am God! I’m from the realm of god, and I’m a high god! Earthlings, I’m here to take over and rule you! Your world is too chaotic. Only I can lead you to the light! ! !”
It is said that the onlookers are stunned-is this buddy afraid of being crazy?
How dare you pretend to be an alien with a laser stick and claim to be a god? Afraid of not losing your mind?
Johnny can’t watch it anymore. He coughed, "Ahem! This friend, are you out of your mind? Do you want me to take you to see a psychiatrist? "
"unbridled!" Loki angrily raised his staff and a laser came at Johnny immediately.
Steve quickly flickered over and raised the vibration shield to help Johnny block the laser beam.
Hum! ! !
There was a ringing of the golden shield and the laser was dissolved by Steve.
Loki shouted angrily, "Stupid earthlings! How dare you question me? I’m Loki, from the divine realm, and I’m the trickster, Odin, and the first exorcist in the Nine Realms! Now I order you to kneel down! I will spare your lives if I have a minister! "
As a result, as soon as Loki finished speaking, everyone laughed-not only the super patrol people laughed, but also the onlookers laughed
What trick god, Odin, nine worlds first exorcist …
What do these names sound so funny?
The key is … You look like the earthlings, and you have to say that you are a god with white teeth. If you are a god, why do you look exactly like us ordinary people? Why don’t you have a golden body?
Besides, don’t bully us ordinary people. How many ups and downs has new york experienced in the past two years? Demons and ghosts are running around the street! It really doesn’t interest us to look like you without any characteristics.
Officer Goofy didn’t die, and he didn’t boast of his own lighting blowing effect.
Officer Johnny was bathed in fire, flying and running, and his fighting capacity was amazing, and he didn’t boast of himself.
You’re just holding a little walking stick that emits laser. Why do you boast of being a god? Besides, your cane is harmless, and you haven’t even shot anyone for so long.
You said you were a god, and the people refused!
Steve shook his head again and again with a shield and denied, "Don’t be ridiculous. You are not a god. You are just a villain and a villain with average strength."
Next to Johnny, I embellished it. "Is that you say that your God is God? What evidence do you have? "
Loki a listen to almost JiYan.
"You stupid mortals dare to doubt my identity!"
As he said this, he waved his staff, and the black suit immediately faded into a flamboyant robe, and a beetle-like horn grew on his head, which looked even more funny.
Loki himself still feels good. He looks like a king.
Always change clothes!
And it is still said that dressing up is dressing up!
As a result, the citizens have asked for a refund after watching it. What a shitty performance!