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As soon as I put the words in my pocket, it rang. Haikui hurriedly took them out. It was Yunxiyue who answered the phone and asked with a smile, "What were you doing just now? Why didn’t you answer the phone?"

"I’m busy. I didn’t come back immediately." It’s quiet and cold over there, but it sounds good.
"Oh, Jingxiang, how are you these days?" Haikui oh a light said
"You don’t want to talk to me about this tone, so I’ll give my words to Cherish the Moon." Shizuka said with dissatisfaction at the other end of the sentence.
"No, I have a good tone. I’m not impatient. I actually want to ask you how things have been these two days. It’s a pity that you didn’t respond when you came back." Haikui said with a smile
When talking to Yunxi Moon or Jingxiang, he feels like he is full of blood. Is it that hormones are precious?
"The two of us are very good to tell you one thing," Shizuka said suddenly.
From her tone, Haikui heard that it was not a bad thing but wanted to deliberately Doby. She said, "Then let me guess."
"Well, guess," said Shizuka, who was also very interested.
"Xiyue met her and liked boys?" Haikui so deep said
"No" Shizuka directly replied.
"Is it because you love other boys?" Haikui was surprised and said
"No," said Shizuka with a cold hum.
Haikui recognized Shizuka’s tone and stopped playing. He asked, "What is it?"
"Cherish moon and I are going to study at Fugang University," said Shizuka in a surprising way.
Haikui was stunned that he didn’t hear clearly and asked again, "What did you say just now?"
Listening to Haikui’s surprised voice, Jingxiang gave a little chuckle. "Xiyue and I are going to study at Fugang University."
"Aren’t you already in Fugang?" Haikui didn’t ask in vain at the moment.
"I mean, we have become students of Fugang University." Jingxiang was defeated by this fool and said it many times, but it really surprised him.
"How did you get in? You didn’t take the college entrance examination and didn’t have an admission notice." Haikui was full of surprise. He now suspects that the two of them are playing with him.
"Hey, hey, you’ll never think it’s very simple." Shizuka is light and charming at that end.
Haikui listened to the sound, which aroused a little desire and said, "Come on, don’t torture me. Don’t you know how charming your voice is?" I have a nosebleed. "
Shizuka giggled, "Idiot, have you forgotten that there were many small advertisements printed on the street pole when we went to see the house?"
Haikui nodded consciously, but she couldn’t see it. "Well, I remember there were a lot of rooms that we found by advertising."
"Hey, hey," Jing Xiang’s laughter is constantly changing. For a while, it sounds like a cold ice beauty. For a while, it sounds like a happy little girl. For a while, it sounds like a charming witch.
Anyway, Haikui likes her voice very much.
"Isn’t there a lot of accreditation advertisements? I just spent 200 yuan to find someone to do the admission notice according to the accreditation advertisements. It was only 400 yuan in total, and I had the admission notice of Fugang University with precious moon." Shizuka giggled and was very proud.
"No, it’s so simple?" Haikui didn’t expect her method to be so simple and naive. If so, will many parents worry about not having a good school or a famous school?
"Yes, it’s that simple," Shizuka said proudly.
Haikui still does not believe and continues to ask, "What about the fake admission notice?" You can find out how Fugang University can accept you two if you have grades on the Internet. "
"How is it impossible that the two of us just took the fake admission notice and handed it over to the school, and they also received it and gave us the voucher?" Shizuka had a successful tone.
Haikui retreated, and he remembered a sentence, "Dare to die, starve to death and be timid." These two people are really bold, but I didn’t expect this to work.
"I’m so grateful to you two," Haikui said in a tone, but he despised the fake admission notice to learn, but he dared not say it for fear of being scolded.
In fact, Shizuka and Yunxiyue are really not false admission notices, but both of them are great beauties. Although Yunxiyue wore a hat, sunglasses and a mask when she went there that day, her figure was very beautiful and Shizuka was together, which naturally made many people think that she was also a beauty.
On the same day, the student who received them was a boy. When he saw the beautiful woman, he couldn’t help but found out that it was a false admission notice. But when he saw the two beautiful women, he was registered. He was uneasy but couldn’t suppress his desire. It is simple and difficult to say that these two people can enter school. In a word, beautiful women can kill all men and heroes, and beautiful women are even worse … Uh-huh!
Hang up, Haikui really thinks that the world is amazing, but whatever, they are not good crops, and they are generally unwilling to learn. Just think of Shizuka and her own school registration that day, and let her look forward to it.
Haikui looked up at the sky at 45 degrees and thought about what to do next. He remembered a name, Yang Chen. Hey, that guy hasn’t been educated yet. He dared to frame himself.
Now that I think about it, everything is all right, but I still feel a little ashamed of Liu Zhanfeng Haikui, who ruined his repair. Later, I asked Yunxiyue how to rebuild it in this life after it was broken.
Now think about Liu Zhanfeng’s sad and hateful eyes when he finally left. Haikui is not comfortable in his heart.
It’s all because Yang Chen’s little Haikui is upset. This is a kind of regret for Liu Zhanfeng and Yang Chen’s anger.
Just take advantage of today to teach Yang Chen a lesson.
Stretched out his hand and stopped a taxi and told the driver to go to the blue dream bar.
Those people in Yang Chen should be regulars in bars, because there are quite a few security guards who know a few people.
In a few minutes, I arrived at the door of the bar, and the entrance of the bar was inconspicuous during the day. A rolling gate was tightly closed and Haikui went to kick a few feet hard and there was no response.
Looking up at the window on the second floor, he knew that the second floor also belonged to the bar.
The location of the bar is remote, even during the day, there is no one nearby. He looks around to make sure that someone jumps directly to the second floor window.
Chapter 9 That’s Auricularia auricula?
Step on the second floor window and look inside. There is a lounge with three sofas horizontally and two sofas vertically.
Haikui was shocked. I didn’t expect an island shadow to appear here.
There are six people lying on the sofa, three men and three women. The point is that they are all fucking naked, naked and naked.