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Ding Fengdao "What is it?"

The boy said, "You are going to pick up three people on this boat."
Ding Fengdao "Who?"
Young faint way "withered plum master and her two disciples"
The teenager jumped from the deck in the blink of an eye.
His posture is also particularly graceful, and then he sweeps across the water with his toes pointed.
In an instant, people disappear across the river.
No one can make this swallow-copying lightness skill taller and more beautiful than him.
Li Zhichang has become a juvenile prey, and even if he knows that he is afraid, he will not have any intention.
"Fast Net" Zhang Mifune is not big and very worn out.
But both Li Zhichang and Hu Tiehua know that this ship is Zhang San’s own effort, and every piece of wood and nail of the ship has been carefully selected. It seems that it is shabby but strong, and it can be safely spent in this ship no matter how big the storm is.
Zhang San looks short and fat, and his skin is not very good when he fishes all the year round.
It looks quite obscene.
He smiled at Li Zhichang. "How can a master like Li Daochang mix with Hu Tiehua?"
Hu Tiehua said with a big grin, "Who are you always hanging out with? I’ve been hungry for ten days and nights, and I’m going to roast a hundred fish for the old man."
In fact, he hasn’t eaten for three or four days, and even if he can be hungry for ten days, he will never be so full
Zhang San sneered, "I’m afraid I dare to bake and you dare not eat."
Hu Tiehua said, "What do you mean? Are you still poisonous in grilled fish?"
Zhang Sandao’s "Fish is not poisonous but deadly"
Hu Tiehua said, "Even if it kills me, I have to eat first."
Chapter 60 Flying arrows
Li Zhichang smiled and laughed. "Since you have been hungry for ten days, you can’t be hungry for a while without listening to this fish."
Hu Tiehua said, "This is also true for Zhang San."
Zhang San said faintly, "Yesterday, the Dragon Dragon Help Yun Conglong wanted me to give him grilled fish to eat, but he never promised to let it be said that I would never catch a fish from the Yangtze River in the future. If I did, I would cut off my hands and smash my boat. If others ate my fish, they would not have to eat fish in the future."
Since Zhang San lives by fishing, he not only eats the fish himself, but also sells it to others.
If you can’t even sell fish, it will be very sad that day. What’s more, Yun Conglong won’t allow him to fish, which is simply breaking his livelihood.
It’s a fact that Yun Conglong, the leader of Shenlong Sect, speaks the Yangtze River more than the emperor, regardless of whether this sentence can be said openly or not.
Even if Hu Tiehua is ignorant again, he should know that the Dragon Sect is the overlord of the Yangtze River.
Zhang San’s temper is very strange. Others sell fish to pick fish. He sells fish to pick people. If he doesn’t like you, he won’t look at you even if gold is put in front of him.
Hu Tiehua laughed. "So small, if you really want to give Yun Conglong that old turtle grilled fish to eat, I absolutely dare not eat it in the future because it will become very smelly."
Zhang Sandong said, "Brother Hu is really a hero, but now that the clouds are in full swing, you don’t have to offend him."
Hu Tiehua disdained, "You are not afraid of this old turtle, Hu Tiehua, and naturally we are not afraid to say that everything has a cow nose. We can’t afford to lose."
He was full of pride in front of him, and Zhang San was almost moved by this bastard without saying this last sentence.
Li Zhichang light say with smile, "Zhang Xiong, don’t listen to his nonsense. This little boy has offended Wanfu Wanshou Park. I don’t know if he has eaten this meal. Of course, he is not afraid of this dragon gang."
Hu Tiehua’s face is red. "Why don’t you say it’s your grandpa Hu who is not afraid of the dragon to help the buffoon?"