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LeiYing heard his words secretly give a sigh of relief.

"Hey kid, you channeled us out just to let us play a game with monkeys? Actually, it’s still my patience? " The second generation of Huo Ying’s temper is obviously not very good, with a very strong smell of gunpowder!
"Teacher, he’s really my brother. Just show me off this time. I warned him not to study the forbidden art. Unfortunately, he didn’t listen to me and thought I was pedantic. Now I’m responsible for what he has become!"
"Well, forget it! I’d better go and watch the battle first. I feel that Konoha has changed a lot. Was this building built later? "
"I really feel konoha vigor much better? Monkey, you Muye have hidden a lot of good things? " Is the first generation of perception a joke?
"Monkey, how can I feel less than Uchihiro gens? What about the guy who is hiding? " The second generation asked
"Second Grandpa Tuanzang has done a lot of dirty things over the years, and we have cleaned up Yu Zhibo’s family. A few years ago, they had an accident and have been exterminated. Now there are two brothers left. One is to fight my brother face to face, and the other should have gone to the battlefield!" Gang Shou explained.
The second generation and the first generation sat vividly, and others dared not sit directly on the roof. Raikkonen Kirby was very orochimaru and Onogi sat down in that enchantment and four people were directly removed to orochimaru’s side.
"Brother? Gang Shou, where do you come from? " The first generation immediately recognized something different. You know, if it was Gang Shou’s brother, wouldn’t he know?
"This is Gang Shou. She recognizes her younger brother. Although he is strong, he is still a teenager. I really want to be only 13 this year!" Three generations introduced to
"What?" Everyone around him was surprised, including Onogi.
"This small strength is good. Onogi advises you not to ask for it!" The second generation directly began to ridicule him. He could feel how powerful Shu Mao is now, but because this small person is Konoha, he implicitly hinted at Shu Mao’s strength. I guess others can’t hear anything from the second generation. orochimaru squinted, but he could feel that Shu Mao’s strength is not as good as his! This is probably because he is a snake.
"By the way, I don’t know how you came here!" The first generation pointed to the shadow of the earth around Shui Ying.
"Well, Konoha recently held a Zhongren selection examination, and there was a sand-bearing ninja with us. But later, these adults wanted to inquire about Konoha’s reality, so they all sent their own students to come and participate in this selection so that grandfathers could see it!" Don’t look at Gang Shou’s cunning. It’s limited to these two adults and their former lovers. Even Gang Shou, the third-generation account, doesn’t buy it
"Now you know the strength of Konoha?" The second generation is famous for its violent temper and its temper.
"I know!" Onogi crustily skin of head said a sentence this can not provoke his teacher didn’t get any cheap himself, let alone?
"What happened there for a while?" The second generation is obviously very unhappy with others’ sabotage!
"is this all a little thing?" The first generation pointed to orochimaru.
Orochimaru crustily skin of head nodded his head!
"It’s not because orochimaru and orochimaru want to attack things. Our konoha layer is loud and clear. At least my teacher and I all know about it. Then because they are suspicious of our konoha strength, the teacher thinks about this action to deter them. They let them know that konoha strength is not as weak as they think!
At least the opening of the seven battlefields represents the absolute strength of our konoha. If you are not angry, come and have a try! "Gang Shou words with strange domineering.
"Seven battlefields?" Onogi was puzzled.
"There will be a border? Is the border between Fengguo and fire nation? " Orochimaru asked not sure.
"Of course, we also sent people over there, otherwise we would have solved those dregs outside!"
"Well that my old man’s house or sit here and have a rest, I want to see how these people strength! Second brother, if you can’t sit still, you can go out and have a look! "
"Well, I’ll go out for a walk. Konoha has changed a lot in recent years. I’ll go and have a look!" With that, the second generation of direct flying Raytheon went away, and his heart had long been scratched by a cat, which seemed to itch like hell. If the first generation hadn’t promised him, he would have gone away.
"Don’t go, sit here and chat with me. I feel very happy that my children and grandchildren are full!" The first generation took advantage of everyone!
The battle between skunk and Shu Mao has also begun to get heated. Of course, the fight between Mako and Shui Ying has also begun to get heated!
On the other hand, Sasuke was defeated by the runaway I love Luo. Naturally, Naruto directly took over the battle horn and wrestled with I love Luo. Honestly, these two people are very childish. Naruto gave me a kick and I love Luo also punched Naruto!
Surprisingly, did Lumaru really escape fate or did he fight with Temari in Kankuro? Well, the goods have been cleaned up by Zhinai, and all the puppets, toxic or not, have been chewed up by Zhinai worm, and then it will be a complete tragedy to lose the puppet master! Even every day can’t beat it!
Asma encountered some difficulties, mainly because Markey kept dodging and didn’t confront him head-on, and Markey slowly tried his best because he wanted to please this hateful guy earlier. Unfortunately, instead of fighting, he fled, which directly led to the two men pulling the front very long.
Kakashi has arrived at the school, and the ninja surprised him. He was surprised not by his strength but by his clothes! That’s a red robe with a black background, which is decorated by the representative of Xiao members!
In addition to the direct flameout of three generations of battlefields due to accidents, his battlefields have successively entered a white-hot stage!
The first generation sat on the roof and watched the firefight. Everyone felt incredible. Konoha is so strong now? Of course, he can’t say this. After all, there are still outsiders here, but he is in a very good mood. Even Lei Ying was very surprised that the ninja god was so kind!
The skunk was shocked to see the first generation sitting on the roof. Can Konoha awaken this adult? The ferret looked at it again uncertainly, and then he was caught in the fire phoenix!
"Ha ha, that little guy is very interesting. Is he still distracted from the battle?" Shit, the first generation, this is a commentary battle?
"Stop, stop, Shumao, who do you think the building is?"
"Yes! Orochimaru came from the first generation of adults and the second generation of adults. What’s wrong? "
"If you don’t fight the ghost shark, let’s go quickly. Now Muye is the strongest. Let’s hurry!"
"But …" The shark played with Shui Ying and got angry, but at this time, the skunk actually asked him to retreat?
"Nothing, but Konoha people have already psychic the first generation of Huoying and the second generation of Huoying, and then we can’t leave if we want to!"
"What?" The shark knows that these two adults say it’s worse. He has seen another one say it! Although it was an eye, it also gave him great pressure at that time!
"Haha, are you coming now?" I don’t know when a ghost shark appeared in the second generation of Hokage, but I kicked it directly behind him!
"Water Dun Hard Vortex Water Blade!" The second generation directly awarded the shark a water javelin!
Shui Ying a look directly to the side or she will be hit!
At this time, the ferret abandoned the four-elephant avatar directly without talking, and as soon as he returned, he vomited blood, and at the same time, the shark also vomited blood!
"It’s okay to contact Deidara quickly. He may die if he stays there alone!"
"No, my doppelganger is dead. Are your doppelganger dead, too?"
"We’re not dead, but it’s almost the same!"
"So you came here?" The second generation of Huo Ying didn’t know when it appeared around the three of them!
"How did you get here?" The ferret knew that because he was a Konoha man, he knew this second-generation adult’s ability very well. If nothing unexpected happened, it should be what he did just now when he fought with the mako, and he directly tracked it by flying Raytheon. You know, this naruto is the most powerful, not his fighting capacity, but his tracking!
"Come with you, of course! You know, I’m the person who created the shadow separation, and I probably know your state best. Now that I know that you are two places at once and can continue to fight, I guess you may be nearby. Sure enough, as soon as your body consciousness returns to your body, I can feel it, especially the guy I just fought with. I already know your chakra fluctuations, so I can endure it. Do you think you can escape my tracking? "
Fei explained to the ferret very kindly, but this is not good news for the ferret! to be continued
Chapter 9 Spot Intervention
At this time, the ghost shark knew that this man was powerful! Even Deidara felt something was wrong!
"Long time no see, Fei!" At this time, the boss behind the scenes continued to do it, and the direct ninja was sent to the front of the door, and it was still a spot consciousness.
"Are you? Spot? " The second generation obviously felt that things seemed to be getting worse. When did this guy come out?
Spot secretly told the three people to relax, and he wanted to take them to himself.
"You want to take them?" The second generation is very familiar with fluctuations, but he also knows how to stop Spot Kinetic Energy from watching the enemy slip away from him.
"So you have been raised! It seems that guy’s technique has been completed? " With dirt and masks, people can see his expression clearly, but obviously he is still very concerned about orochimaru.
"Who the hell are you?" Sure enough? Physical defects with soil are still unavoidable.
"Ha ha, we will meet again!" The whirlpool reappeared, and this time the spot actually didn’t do anything, just took his hand and slipped away!
Spot just walked less than a second before the first generation arrived at the second generation.
"What’s the situation? How do I feel the smell of spots? "
"yes, it’s him, but it’s not that he has an inexplicable feeling!" The second generation also frowned.
"That was Ninjutsu?"