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In the Red Chamber, I gave a banquet in honor of the old master and the old lady. I also know the number of people at a distance. I like stability, atmosphere and knowing people hurts people. This is very important. In the past two hours, my parents have been watching it more and more.

The secret of the evening life is arranged to live on the first floor, and the old lady lives on the third floor. Su Chen, the old lady is happy and naturally lives on the third floor together.
Around 9: 00 p.m., take care of the parents’ lives secretly early.
This just let Suchen invite the parents to the third floor.
Suchen was a little worried and scared before, so she made a sure ticket to Er Yuan and thought that there must be a way to keep her parents from being over-stimulated.
Su Chenli helped his parents to the floor. Master Su Ze smiled and said, "What are you doing with us when you sleep so late?"
The old lady also took Su Chen’s hand and said, "It will be even happier to make the fourth generation for us quickly!"
Su Chen blushed and said, "Grandma!"
The old lady smiled. "Come on, I’m worried that someone can’t get rid of you, you smelly girl. Now it seems that we are fussing about it."
Su Chen said, "Just come."
The old lady patted Su Chen’s hand affectionately. "If you marry someone, don’t be so sexual. Don’t go outside and run home all day and give birth to a child …"
Su Chen said angrily, "Way to milk!" If you don’t stop grandma from teaching her husband, tell Suchen one by one.
Far away, Su Chen beckoned for two seats. After sitting down, Master Su Ze and the old lady saw the distance and looked solemn and asked, "What can I do for you?"
"Second, can you believe that there are ghosts in the world?" Far suddenly said
Su Ze frowned slightly and asked what this meant. Su Jia’s background was complicated, and many strange things happened in the past. He was alert in his heart, but he said indifferently, "There are no great wonders in the world!"
Far nodded and said, "Don’t be too surprised. I want parents to meet." Far away, Su Chenma answered, "Aunt!"
"Aunt?" "Aunt?" The parents looked at each other and wondered what Suchen meant. After all, it was a long time ago.
Far "I know that the elders of the Su family have a history of sword and fairy communication."
When it comes to this, Su Ze took her eyes and stared at Su Chenxin, saying that she would tell such family secrets to others casually. Although it is far from an outsider, it is too shocking and may cause unnecessary trouble. Su Chen shook his head immediately when he saw grandpa’s stern eyes and handed them over.
Far smiled and laughed. "The fact is that the sword fairy is there, so there are too many strange things in this world that we have never seen."
"Far away. What do you want to say?" The old lady asked.
"I know that my parents have an aunt, and Su Chen and I found her not long ago." When it comes to the back, the distance slows down.
"What? !” As soon as Sue got up, the old lady followed her. Sue’s master said excitedly, "Did you find your aunt’s remains or …"
Far away, with a wave of his hands, the room is like a greenhouse. Although he is excited, he feels that something is firmly "helping" himself so that he will not fall to the ground.
The soul bracelet suddenly flew out of the far sleeve and paused. In the middle, it had gone to the number of murders. The soul bracelet had changed from dark black to bluish white. When the parents were dumbfounded, the white light gradually became clear, and soon Su Yilan came out of the bracelet.
"Aunt!" Master Su Ze is excited to cry, but he loves his aunt the most, just like in the past.
"Son, you are old like this!" Su Yilan pity way
Sue suddenly burst into tears and said, "What an aunt!"
The old lady had never seen her aunt, so she got up and said, "I have seen my aunt!" " Such a scene, the old lady can also support it. It can be seen that her mind is also determined, and she is worthy of being a military background.
Su Ze quickly asked what was going on far away. To make a long story short, after a brief talk, Master Su Ze fell to his knees and cried. "The unscrupulous nephew made my aunt suffer!"
Su Yilan immediately picked up her nephew and said, "How can this blame you?"
I haven’t heard from my aunt for many years, and she suddenly appeared and became a fairy. Although she is the most junior ghost fairy, she really comforted Su Ze. This happy horse is sad to think that my father died in person. The old man choked and said, "My aunt and father told me before he died that I must find my aunt or he would not close his eyes!"
Su Yilan "Don’t be sad, son. Isn’t this found?"
Sue is a white head kept nodding.
Su Chen also tearfully asked from afar, "Can you call my great-uncle and great-grandfather?"
Su Chen said this, Su Ze was even more excited. He looked at the distance and said, "I can understand them, but I can’t call them over. The six barriers are not so easy to break. I estimate that parents are in heaven, which is even more difficult to call."
Su Yilan remembers that the words of the two brothers were reported to the distant future, and it seemed that it took a long time to calculate. "Mr. Su Yixian is enjoying the happiness of heaven and man in heaven; The old gentleman Su Yichen was reborn in Xiuluo Road because of killing evil deeds, but it is also a good way. "
After hearing this, the parents nodded and said, "That’s good, that’s good!"
Three days after the relatives met, the dust was gone. Su Yilan flew from the Red Chamber to Gezaoshan, a place known far away for its aura.
The sixth volume Bias to the Tiger Mountain Tour The first chapter The interesting story of the tiger mountain in the zoo ()
In the past week, the official explanation for the incident of the University Library was that it was stolen, but many people flowed around. The key point is naturally how the thief appeared and then disappeared. Students are most inclined to explain that this is a paranormal, even if it is a scientific prosperity. Nowadays, the more students don’t believe in the paranormal, the more they are willing to imagine it in this respect. In the end, if the truth is critical, the library of Sinian University will be dyed with a touch of paranormal color after many people’s paranormal imagination processing.
But knowing the truth best naturally didn’t want to reveal the truth to the general public, and he is now overwhelmed.
The red chamber is far away in the middle of the night, and it’s already a little fast to resist Suchen’s repeated questioning
Su Chen asked the central idea is
What did the spell that was used that night get his blood and Chen Kexin’s blood, especially after what? This problem is very serious, and why can’t she be so bloody?
How can you answer far away?
The answer is that Chen Kexin is a mysterious body with her own yang body, and the mixture of blood and yin and yang just cracked the soul bracelet. The soul can release those ghosts, and the key is to return them, let them know that they have their own debts, and then wash their grievances one by one.
Far obviously, I don’t answer this way, because Su Chenhui will continue to ask what is the constitution of Xuan Yin, but this way, Su Chenhui will eventually be white. Comrade Chen Kexin is actually a living ginseng in the eyes of monks, which can supplement anytime and anywhere.
Catch up with this, and it will be over. From then on, Su Chenyuan and Chen Kexin will be suspicious. Even if they don’t suspect Su Chen’s glib tongue, they will occasionally ridicule a few words, but they don’t want to cause complications.
Su Chen saw that she was forced by herself to show a rare embarrassment. Bei Tooth bit her red lip and suddenly leaned over and said in a distant ear, "Is it because she is a virgin?" !”
"Ha!" Far can’t help laughing. Su Chen is really a flower.
Suchen was teased far away, and he reached out and tapped far away.
Far finally laughed and said, "It’s a" risk ".Suchen himself made a reasonable explanation and nodded seriously at once when he thought of it.
Su Chen blushed and said, "I blame you!"
Far from swallowing a series of laughter, he said, "It’s a nice night to go out for a walk!"
Su Chen’s eyes lit up and said, "What to do?"
Far smiled and asked, "What do you say?"
Suchen blinked. "End someone’s virginity?"
Far reaching out and patting Su Chen Su Chen Ling cleverly hid his eyes and looked far away. "Don’t you think so? It didn’t take long to break into the innocent girl’s spring dream. "
Far wry smile a drink a way "don’t think about going to a good place tomorrow"
Su Chen’s eyes lit up and said, "What’s a good place?"
Looked at Su Chen from a distance. "How can I get there like this? I have to get a night suit."