What about Xian Xian Jun?

What happened to him during the disappearance?
Now that he has come back with a shocking background, does it mean that the kingdom of God is going to change? !
Everyone, including those who secretly watch the fairy king giants, don’t shake their hearts like a tsunami, and all kinds of thoughts fly around and feel that their eyes are really incredible.
Only, the magic emperor, Chao Xue and other people who have once entered the world of heaven have guessed some kind of truth vaguely if they have realized it. It is because they know more that they are more shocked.
They naturally know what the title of Cang Xian Jun means, which symbolizes the great power of the three worlds. I’m afraid that a Xian Jun can mobilize more power than a big sanctuary in heaven.
Long Li’s attitude of coming to visit on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce in the Kingdom is disrespectful. However, Qin Changfeng did not appreciate it and said coldly, "Did you just shoot?"
"At the end of this ….. since there is no such person who can make moves, it is the chamber of commerce and the end of Yu Junjun Hou Shengtian." Dragon and complete hesitated for a moment but finally came clean.
In addition, it is obvious that the Chamber of Commerce in the Kingdom now has two sets of parallel identities, one is that the Chamber of Commerce in the Kingdom is well known, and the other is that only a few people know about the late Yu Army.
From this point, it can also be inferred that although it has been cut off from Cang for ten thousand years, this vein is still afraid to completely abandon Cang’s subordinate status and stand on its own feet, otherwise it will definitely not remain at the end of Yu Jun’s designation.
Soon after, Long Li explained, "I don’t know the identity of Xianjun when I was young, so please don’t take it amiss!"
Qin Changfeng laughed. "As the saying goes, those who don’t know don’t blame this truth. You still understand it, but it’s always right to come out and visit one, right?"
Dragon LiWen canthus wrinkles uncontrollably severely shaking a few eyes with a violent color in a flash.
When the Emperor Zun returned to China and left the defeated troops of the Expeditionary Force behind, he was still a young Buddha. Later, thanks to the attention of the commander of the defeated army, he quickly rose to the top five in terms of strength and status.
However, even though the strength of cultivation is not what it used to be, he still firmly remembers the terrible power possessed by the three realms, so he is willing to show his lowest posture in front of the revered celestial fairy.
But Qin Changfeng adamant4 let chamber of commerce less main personally come out to visit, it is pushing your luck.
You know, Sheng Tian Shao’s Lord is above the immortal king. If you return to the pale theory, it is one of the three realms of heaven, earth and man. A fairy throne is sure to be indispensable. There is a great chance to attack the first monarch and then prove the emperor!
But the eye Qin Changfeng will force Sheng Tian to bow his head and insult others with the power of heaven.
The most important thing is that at the end of the theory, the waiting order of Yu Jun’s army is really lower than that of Xian Jun. It is a rule to salute at the first meeting, and he can’t find an excuse even if he wants to refute it.
At this time, the high-level of the Chamber of Commerce in the Kingdom is bound to note that there is a struggle and hesitation behind the representative of Long Li.
It seems that they don’t want to finish their face and surrender their chips.
And Qin Changfeng’s naked purpose is to force them to oppose it. Only in this way can the whole kingdom chamber of commerce be uprooted with the help of pale power.
Need to doubt Qin Changfeng has never had any affection for this force.
"Xian Xianjun?"
A deep and remote sound suddenly sounded when it was difficult for the dragon to complete the left and right, and then he saw a figure coming out of the void.
A golden gown is kept more slender than neat stars, eyebrows, swords and eyes. If you talk about appearance and bearing, it is really rich, handsome, natural and elegant to the extreme, such as the game of nine days of waves, like exploring the years of life and death and doing the holy spirit in your hands
Sheng Tian, the Lord of the Chamber of Commerce in the Kingdom of God, finally appeared!
"Who are you, Xianjun?" Sheng Tian looked at Qin Changfeng step by step, seemingly slowly, but in fact, he came to the front of his face in a flash, with Gherardini banter, as if he were different from Long Li, and he could not finish looking at Cang Xianjun’s identity.
Qin Changfeng also smiled and said, "salute, admit your mistake, be punished and spare your life, or you will be dealt with by military law!" "
"I’m not crazy, but there has never been anyone in heaven. I don’t like people being able to live, and you have made me sick." Sheng Tian’s tone was indifferent as if to state a fact.
Soon he suddenly raised his hand in the palm of his hand, shining like hitting a fairy gate, and after a moment of fluctuation, it actually condensed into an ancient clock.
Sheng Tian held an ancient bell in his hand and cried the sound of the bell. Then the golden ripples of Qin Changfeng’s Pangu body were suddenly reappeared and swept towards Qin Changfeng at a high speed.