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One day later, all the three clan chiefs of Kirin followed Taibai Venus to the Temple of Lingxiao in the Golden Queyun Palace of Heaven and bowed down to Haotian. They said, "The four dragons, the phoenix clan, and the Kirin clan have been gracious and have been obedient since then!" With that, I took out the courtiers’ table, and a fairy boy took over the table.

Heaven is heaven, jade emperor, great Buddha, Xuan dome, high emperor, Bi Xidao, Kirin clan is the king of the land boundary, and I am very happy to be a vassal now! "Then a pair of three clan heads sealed the immortal official position, and the post was completed. Heaven said," Although I was appointed by the ancestors of the Three Realms, there were many disciplinarians who were not in heaven at the beginning, such as the liu er macaques who ignored the rules of heaven because they were saints, and kept collecting and expanding their troops. "
The dragon clan chief Ji Long ao flashed out and said, "Be relieved! If we hadn’t ordered us to arrest liu er, it would have been a great achievement. "Then the heads of the two families, Fenghuang and Qilin, also went out to show their intention. Haotian was very happy to hear that" the three Qing families are really confidants! " Then, the dragon patriarch Chi Long Ao Demon Marshal Kong Shu, the patriarch of Phoenix clan, and Mo San Tan Hai Hui, the patriarch of Kirin clan, were appointed as great gods and led 500,000 heavenly soldiers to capture liu er, the demon monkey.
The heads of the three clans took orders, followed by 500,000 heavenly soldiers, and then went to the four seas first, and then gathered other four seas dragon kings to order the shrimp soldiers and crabs to combine two million troops with one million troops of the Phoenix and Kirin clans.
As soon as the four-way military forces are integrated, there will be more than three million, which is almost twice that of the more than two million demon soldiers in liu er. It can be seen that after thousands of years of recuperation, the three families of Kirin have gained ten percent of their strength when they were the overlord of the wild.
There are more than 3 million soldiers and horses in the four roads, and the white clouds condensed by the murderous road are a mass of clouds. The great magical powers and forces in four major continents have closed the mountain gate in fear and started the ban.
For a time, people in the world were terrified. You know, if there is such a fight again soon after the Lich’s two-clan war, I don’t know how many lives will be hurt.
On this day, liu er was leading the four lich kings to sweep a mountain. Suddenly, he saw a thousand immortals in the distance. Yun Rui Cai couldn’t help but pick up the celestial ear and listen to the sound, and then erected the third eye to watch it. He learned about the incident. He couldn’t help laughing at the fact that he provoked the incident thousands of years ago and was punished by the master in the ice cold palace for 900 years. Now he is in charge of rectifying the northern fear of Luzhou with the support of the master, and he is afraid of him.
And now the heaven is not the heaven, and now liu er is no longer liu er.
"Boys, get ready for me to kill the enemy!" Liu er transported four demon kings with a sound that shocked millions of miles, and their 20-night and 56-year-old demon generals drank loudly and promised to sound that there was a vibration in the land of the Luzu people in the north of Wan Li
After a quarter of an hour, I saw that liu er jumped up vertically, and a fairy cloud was born in the foot and went away, followed by four demon kings, twenty nights, and fifty-six demon generals, and then more than one million demon families. Another million saw this demon family in Qinglian Lingshan. There are thousands of different shapes of wolverines, lions, orangutans, cows, cunning children, antelopes, etc. It’s really fascinating all the way!
And twenty nights, they waved colorful flags and knocked on golden drums, shouting in succession. There were colorful clouds with half-shaped feet.
According to their profound skill, demon cultivators can divide their foot clouds into red, red, gray, purple, black and ink purple. Only the adventures of individual people with deep fortune can transform them into fairy bodies. The foot clouds are white clouds, such as liu er, the Four Demon Kings, the Twenty Nights and the Fifty-six Demon Generals.
Liu er, the fourth route army, stopped ten miles ahead, and the three families of Long Lin and the mountain soldiers also stopped.
In accordance with the imperial edict of Heaven for Science, the Grand Marshal Chi Long Aowang looked over and saw the liu er macaque ten miles ahead wearing a golden helmet and a golden crown, holding a golden cudgel and stepping on a cloud shoe. It was awesome! Behind it, the demon kings and soldiers of all walks of life are playing drums and waving flags, and the momentum is not weaker than that of their own. Some of them can’t help secretly nodding.
A dragon ao drink a way "liu er demon monkey! You’re so bold! Today, I came to arrest you by the imperial edict of the Jade Emperor. You should retreat and plead guilty while you can! Otherwise, the evil spirits will make you suffer together and regret it! "
Liu er laughed. "Ha-ha-ao, I miss you. The dragon was the overlord of the universe thousands of years ago, but now it’s reduced to heaven’s account of science. There is no difference between before and after running and catching soldiers and catching pawns. I’m ashamed of you! Candle dragon, the ancestor of your clan, will blame you if he knows anything after his death! "
A dragon ao was ashamed and turned to nu way "you a Po Hou! I won’t argue with you if you don’t give up and blame my people for catching this demon monkey! " Then I saw a man flash out. "Marshal will be willing to catch this demon monkey at the end." It was Ao Liang, the dragon king of Beihai, the dragon king of the four seas, who said, "Yes!"
Aoliang, the Dragon King of Beihai, was ordered to come to liu er and laughed. "This is good for me to beat him to a pulp so that you can know that I am awesome!" After liu er finished, millions of demons shouted and waved flags.
Aoliang, the Dragon King of Beihai, roared and turned directly into a body to see a red dragon with a length of 100 feet and a red scale. He came straight to liu er and came to liu er. It was great before he saw it and laughed.
Chapter 44 Qing Ye Zhu Bird FuZhu.
When I saw that the wishful gold-banded cudgel was transiently long, I took a broken wind and smashed it. The wishful gold-banded cudgel weighed 13,500 Jin, which was made of an indestructible piece of precious iron. If I clung to it for a while, I would die, get my skin broken and wipe my muscles! Liu er is close to pick Jin Xianxiu. If this hit, Aoliang, the dragon king of the North China Sea, will be seriously injured even though the defense is strong.
See liu er this powerful offensive Taiyi Jin Xianxiu Aoliang can’t help but face a change. Yi Long sings and screams, and a tangible sound wave vibrates to liu er. Then Long Lin becomes red as if it were burning. The dragon body is naturally burning, and it runs crazy. From a distance, Aoliang is surrounded by red fire. The confrontation between the two sides can’t help but be stunned by the heat wave. The red dragon body is naturally burning, although it is not as good as Di Jun’s innate sun, but it is also extremely fierce.
Aoliang’s array of innate true fire, nine yin and nine yang kept running for several weeks, forming a spiral shape. liu er was first shocked by dragons and sound waves, and Yuan Shen’s offensive could not be slowed down. When Ruyi’s golden hoop hit the innate true fire around Aoliang’s body, Ruyi’s golden hoop was forced to break its defense, but it was beaten by Ruyi’s golden hoop, and the true fire in Aoliang’s body was scattered and extremely unstable, and his body was born and dropped by ten thousand meters.
Liu er was surprised to see that he couldn’t break this long worm defense with a blow.
The three families of Longlin were the hegemons of the wild thousands of years ago, and Aoliang was able to be the Dragon King of the North Sea. Apart from the fact that Long Han robbed only three dragon gods at the beginning of the Han Dynasty, his strength was the highest. Naturally, it was not liu er who could defeat the dragon with one blow. The dragon is not as weak as Nezha and Sun Wu when the gods were sealed and Buddhism flourished in later generations.
Behind liu er, millions of demons saw liu er’s great power, but it was another beating drums and waving flags. Ao and others couldn’t help but look pale.
The proud dragon Aoliang was almost prone to the ground by liu er’s blow. He couldn’t help screaming and roaring. The big eyes like hills emitted red light, and the red light turned into a real blow to liu er, but it was blocked by liu er Ruyi Gold Hoop and crashed with a loud noise.
AoLiang roar loud a body shows the innate true fire is overwhelming, and it strikes liu er with the golden cudgel of liu er Ruyi. The two of them are fighting again, so after more than 30 rounds, AoLiang finally ate a heavy stick from liu er and smashed several rocks on the ground.
When Aoliang rose, his red scales had already broken, and many golden blood kept oozing out.
Liu er laugh wildly. When the avatar bows his waist, he will grow tall. His head is as tall as Mount Tai, his waist is as steep as mountains, his eyes are as bright as a flash, and his teeth are as bloody as a sword. The golden cudgel in his hand instantly hits Aoliang until he wants a stick to smash Aoliang into pulp. Aoliang sees that this stick is imperative and hurriedly retreats to his camp to escape, but if he escapes, can he? Seeing that the gold-banded cudgel will be next to Aoliang’s body to kill the dragon, Aoao can’t consider other golden halberds, and the golden light flashes and screams to block the gold-banded cudgel.
The two sides hit the dragon ao and his arms shook numb. Although the dragon clan chiefs of the dragon ao are not as quasi-holy as the dragon ancestor Candle dragon, they also reached the middle stage of the pick Jin Xian. Although liu er was born with divine power, his way was worse after all, and he was withdrawn from this block for several miles.
Liu er laughed. "What? If you can’t do it yourself, you have to do it yourself? "
Fei Long ‘ao’s face was red and white with a sneer. "You still need me to start work as a Po Hou. Since you are so arrogant, I won’t say much about Kong Shu?" Kong Shu, the head of the Phoenix clan, and the head of the Kirin clan were ordered before listening.
"surround and kill!" Aoli avenue
Kong Shu and Morton paused and went to see the two men commanding more than three million troops in the quartet to arrange orderly, which coincided with the evolution of Yin and Yang and surrounded and killed millions of demons in liu er.
Seeing that a fight is about to evolve, I saw a golden pagoda flying from the far sky, and the mysterious yellow gas was scattered in the middle. It was the exquisite pagoda of heaven and earth. Then the next day, a burst of Yue Xian came and fragrant cigarettes were everywhere. It was Qing Ye who rode to see the master arrive in liu er, and the four demon kings came to visit the millions of demons behind him. Everyone bowed down and looked at a liu er without saying anything, and then turned to look at the dragon.
Seeing that Qing Ye came to Ao, Kong Shu and Mo, three people could also worship the sage Saint Ann and never put off till tomorrow what you can. In Wei Ao, a saint, he hesitated. "Violet saint, I came here on orders to go back so afraid."
Qing Ye’s eyes flashed with cold light. "If heaven asks about science, say it’s what I mean."
Kong Shu complained about the killing of the three clans when Qing Ye collected Ao Guang’s mount. "The great Buddha is in charge of the three realms by the ancestor, and the great Buddha means god’s will. We are also in accordance with the great Buddha’s will. You interfere and indulge in arrogance. Aren’t you afraid that the ancestor will punish you!"
Qing Ye laughed. "You’re a little Zhu bird who dares to take Tao Zu to pressure me? ! Heaven is heaven’s will? ! Then I’ll tell you now that it’s God’s will to wait for you to turn to ashes! " After Qing Ye finished, he offered a dry Kunding to dry Kunding. The mouth of the dry Kunding was pale yellow, and the gas fluttered against the hole bundle. The bamboo bird with a big body was the ancestor of the phoenix family, Tianfeng. At this time, it was taken by the dry Kunding, and it was yellow, and it could not produce a trace of resistance. Directly, I came to see it directly, and it was a chicken head, a swallow’s jaw, a snake neck, a turtle’s back, a fish tail and a five-colored bird. Then it was sucked into the Ding by the dry Kunding.
When Qing Ye saw this, he offered the Siling Banner and put Zhu Bird’s soul into the Siling Banner. Seeing that the flag of Siling Banner is opposite to Xuanwu, there is another Zhu Bird’s body in the south.
It’s a pity that a few dollars will be made into a painting cake.
Fei Long Ao and Mo Qilin couldn’t help but face a change. They wanted to stop it, only to find that they were able to watch the hole bundle being dried up by Kun Ding.
And the phoenix gens saw that the heads of the fathers were turned to the source, but Wan Fengming called straight to pounce and kill Qing Ye and reached out a finger to cover it with a clear air, which was also broken by efforts.
After receiving Zhu Bird, Qing Ye recovered Gan Kun Ding and Si Ling Qi Ji Long Ao and Mo Qilin Mo Cai, and then he heard Qing Ye lightly imply Tianwei sound "You go back to me!" I don’t want to kill more! "
(Today, there is another chapter in the third volume. In the third volume, try to refer to some mountain and sea classics to write Terran.)
Chapter 45 The emergence of land pressure is discussed by the public
Fei Long Ao and Mo Qilin don’t look at the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower, which is separated from the two armies’ heaven and earth. They know that they have broken the Xuanhuang spirit and can beat the drums and retreat with more than three million soldiers, crabs and soldiers, and soldiers, soldiers, soldiers and soldiers, and so on.
When liu er saw that Fu Long Ao led the enemy and fled, he felt uneasy and carefully said, "Master, this time it was Heaven who took the initiative to find us." Qing Ye did not know how to say with smile. "So what?" Liu er was in a hurry. "Master, I don’t want to go to the ice palace for another 900 years." Qing Ye laughed. It was really difficult for him to punish this villain for going to the ice palace for 900 years. "When did I say that I would let you go to the ice palace?" After listening to the six ears, I was glad to see the master in a good mood and said, "Master, I’m your disciple. How can you bear to let me go to the ice palace again?"
Qing Ye shook his head and looked at the millions of demons in the distance. He couldn’t help frowning. "The lich two families were defeated. When the Terran Daxing liu er, your flag should collect more Terran monks." liu er promised and then some nai. "Master, you also know that we are afraid of Luzhou in the north, and the environment is bad. Even some demons are less than the other three continents, let alone some Terran monks who come to practice in Luzhou in the north. I can’t go out of Luzhou in the north."
Liu er said that he stole a look at this. Qing Ye Qing Ye laughed. "I don’t know what you’re up to?"
Liu er hey hey smile embarrassed there.
When Qing Ye saw this villain, he hesitated. "You can go wherever you like, but you must not get out of chaos. There are Buddhist standards and references to create a paradise in Xi Niu Hezhou. If you go to Xi Niu Hezhou, you must be careful. Beware that the Terran tribes are mostly in Dongsheng Shenzhou. You can walk more."
Liu er is big and respectful.
Ye Qing saw that there was nothing left, so he rode a cloud and went to liu er and knelt down with millions of demons to send him off.
As soon as Qing Ye left, liu er turned to look at the millions of demons behind him and laughed. "Ha ha ha, let’s go to Dongsheng Shenzhou." The four lich kings and millions of demons were ordered to shake for nine days.
Jin Queyun Gong Ling Xiao Bao Dian Hao Tian looked purple at Jindian at this time, bowed down and reported to me, and Mo Qilin Mo listened to the millions of demons from heaven to liu er at this time to cheer and tore the playing table into pieces and threw it at Jindian angrily. "That Qing Ye is really hateful! Saint! Saint! I don’t believe that liu er can’t be cured of this Po Hou! "
The immortals in the golden palace trembled and dared not answer.
After a while, Taibai Venus saw that Heaven of Science looked calmer and flashed out, saying, "Pursuit of Qing Ye’s defiance of Heaven by saints is a sin of reincarnation. Please go to Zixiao Palace and ask Hongjun Daozu to preside over justice and collect Qing Ye and others."
The Queen Mother of the West, next to Heaven for Science, said, "You can’t do the same thing and ignore the worldly affairs. It’s liu er’s fault that my heaven is weak. If I bother Daozu because of such a trivial matter, I’m afraid it will make Daozu miss us and take charge of the heaven."
Heaven silently looked at the two classes of immortals in Jindian, and when they saw that they were shrinking, they couldn’t help sighing, so they let liu er go wild. If you don’t punish liu er, it’s a precedent, and all parties in the three realms are even more unruly. "
Taibai Venus’s eyes turned to her heart and said, "The obstacle to punishing liu er is that Qing Ye will not be afraid of Qing Ye if he can invite Western Buddhism and lead two saints to contribute to our heaven."
Heaven of Science was delighted when he heard this, but he frowned again. "If you can please move and lead two saints," Taibai Jinxing said, "Qing Ye people were proud that there must have been cause and effect before the defeat of the two lich families, and the three leaders of Sanqing, Zhongyuan Tianzun, saw that he didn’t like to think that heaven was the ancestor of Taoism, and if you have a purpose, you may not be able to do it, and western Buddhism will allow and lead two saints to create a paradise to carry forward Buddhism, and we will not promise the celestial side to make it do so."
Heaven heard some concerns and hesitations at last, such as introducing Buddhism to heaven, and it is even more hidden trouble to be afraid that it will sit up.
Taibai Venus peeks at the look of Heaven of Science and knows what’s on her mind. "It’s urgent to make a decision if you want to create a paradise with Buddhism from saints."
However, the proposal of Taibai Venus is a disaster left by the afterlife, which makes Buddhism dominant in heaven.
Hao Tian looked at the immortals in the Golden Temple and asked, "Do you have any ideas?" Seeing that one person is the one who escaped after the defeat of the two lich families, the top ten witches, Shengyi Yingzhao, is extremely short of manpower because of the early control of heaven in science, and he also took the former demon master who escaped in heaven to listen to the Yingzhao’s call, "I can’t be a minister."