Chapter 1 Northern Wilderness Gone with the Times

The old woman’s sleeves are like clouds, and when a strong wind sweeps over, the figure disappears suddenly.
The duck disappeared, the cat disappeared, and the people disappeared!
Only Guo Yi and Ji Youran, the only two people in the mighty world passage, just stood there. This woman’s repair is unheard of, which makes people feel cold.
Ji Youran’s spirit reached out for billions of miles and found no trace of this old woman.
"She went to the northern wilderness so fast that she had already passed through the Luohai River and entered the northern wilderness in the direction of the half-day cliff." Guo Yi looked at the northern canopy
"How do you know?" Ji Youran didn’t believe that Guo Yiling was strong enough to explore the northern wasteland.
Guo Yi dignified shook his head. "I don’t know anything, but there is a feeling of blood connection … just like relatives …"
Ji Youran understood that Guo Yi felt it was Guo Yan’s breath!
The two men also rushed to the northern wilderness without stopping. Although it has become a war-torn place now, they can fight for the newborn baby.
When Guo Yi came to the Northern Wilderness again, the whole world had been unrecognizable for nearly half a year, and the Shura clan had completely controlled the Northern Wilderness.
A cloud of blood flew over the awning. A saint-level shura general led thousands of shura soldiers wearing blood armor to cross, and behind them hundreds of thousands of human monks were escorted.
These human monks are dressed in the same clothes, all looking depressed and miserable, and they are like prisoners with chains and shackles.
To be exact, they are not even prisoners now, and they have fallen into Shura slaves.
There was a sudden abuse in the shura tent. "The female among human beings is really weak. The old talent has just been inserted, and it’s half dead. It’s really hard to understand why it’s cold. Pick one for the old one again."
"General Tita is really brave. Let’s pick the most beautiful one."
Two Taoist shura warriors threw a naked and beautiful girl from the awning and "bang" it fell in front of Guo Yi and Ji Youran, who were chasing the old woman.
The girl’s eyes were closed, her legs were covered with blood, and her body was cold.
This girl is also very beautiful, and her face is elegant. It’s a pity that the young lady died alive in the ravages of General Shura.
Guo Yi’s face stood in awe and moved this female face slightly to the right path. "This female seems to be the first beauty of the cold month and the fiancee of the cold month."
Guo Yi drank all his heart and forgot that he once liked a woman’s heart, and he only had a chance, but he didn’t forget it
The weak can always passively bear the torture and slavery of the strong, which is the advantage of the strong. Everyone wants to be the strong and enslave others.
And now the human race is the enslaved weak.
Awning suddenly to a folded roar "shura gens king egg I spell with you"
Cold three unique will be broken by the chain, watching his fiancee being killed by the enemy. He has been afraid to jump up and fly a punch to the big account of the shura clan.
Cold month holy teach leader is also a roar out at the same time.
A statue of Shura in a bloodstained garment with a height of three feet walked out of the account and blasted the cold three unique skills and the cold month holy teaching leader directly to the ground.
"Vulnerable" General Tatashura sneered at one.
Han San Jue used to be a younger generation, and the leader of Ying Jie Han Yue was even more a saint, but he was defeated by Taita with one move.
The shura gens soldiers laughed.
Seeing this scene, the original monks who wanted to sell human beings bowed their heads again and sighed deeply.
Many times, people are weak, and it is too little to be able to come out in front of the real knife and gun and shed their blood.
The cold three wonders and the cold moon leader were badly hurt, and they also knew that the root was no match for Taita Shura, but they had to fight for it because it was dignity.
"The two humans are too ignorant to play with a woman! Cut their heads off for me. If they don’t listen, this is a field. "Taita Shura is as tall as a giant fist, and her eyes are as big as those wrapped in chains. The human monks sneered." You are all elites among human monks. You should know that you have to bear the burden of humiliation if you want to live. Haha! "
The faces of hundreds of thousands of human slaves hang down more and more, and no one dares to look up. This humiliation makes them even willing to open their eyes.
Suddenly two screams came.
Tatashura’s two genus bodies were cut into two pieces and flew through the air, throwing Wan Li away and falling apart.
These two shuras came to kill the cold three wonders and the cold moon leader, but now they are dead.
In this scene, even the leader of the already-dead-to-be-suspicious-cold three wonders and the cold month all looked slightly at the place where the sword light flew out and saw Guo Yi and Ji Youran’s sword still dripping blood.
Two people come to be a thousand and ten thousand people who don’t want to provoke the shura clan. After all, the shura clan is too strong and has something important to do, but just now, the two of them are out of the sword at the same time to kill the two shura warriors.
Without the slightest hesitation!
Today, there has never been a murder by a shura. This is the first time that anyone has killed a shura. General Taita Shura was very angry and clenched his teeth. He snorted "Death".
With a wave of his hand, he wore a blood armor shura and rushed over with combat knives. Suddenly, the wind and cloud rolled and the banner flew, and hundreds of knife lights fell all over the sky.
Guo Yiling waved a sword and immediately stabbed several swords to ground all these shura wars.
It is also a highly effective blow to blow out the chest of General Tatashura and directly beat him back again and again.
Guo Yi is going to make a quick decision. If General Shura of other saints comes here, it will be in big trouble, and maybe it will hurt the human monks here.
"I didn’t expect that one of the human monks can play with you today." General Taita Shura has reached the second realm of saints. Although he abruptly took Guo Yi’s punch, he was not injured.
"Play? With you? " Guo Yi’s arms grew peacock feathers and made a fist shadow like a peacock, accompanied by sharp peacocks chirping.
This one punch Guo Yi out of the force.
General Taita’s face changed slightly, and the combating Dao was drawn and cut off with a knife.
Guo Yi’s punch strength is equal to the second realm of saints. Brother dzogchen directly shattered the bloody broadsword with one blow. Those broken blades pierced Tata’s body and stabbed his body into a sieve.
Four hundred thousand hatred soul flapping volume out directly to devour him.
The evil wind roared and the army of souls wandered together, and those shuras turned into their bellies
When all the shuras died, the human monks who were bound by chains shattered the chains and bowed to Guo Yi. Then they quickly flew to all directions, and soon all of them escaped.
If the shura army runs, then they all have to die and escape to have a glimmer of life.
In the end, there are two people left, namely, the Cold Three Musts and the Cold Moon Leader.
Cold three is by no means a man who cries easily, but at this time, he is holding his heart and crying over his dead body and cursing himself for not being there.
Men don’t flick when they have tears, but if they really get to the sad place, they are also full of tears
Not far away, Guo Yi and Ji Youran can shake their heads and sigh. In this troubled times, there is a sad scene everywhere, and this is just a microcosm.
"Thank you for saving my life! I didn’t expect me to have such a humiliating time in my life. "The cold moon leader looked at the tears and sighed deeply."
Guo Yi consoled, "My predecessors will be so heroic and short of breath. How could the Shura clan be so arrogant if I, the emperor of human race, went to the wild?"
Although he agrees with Guo Yi’s words, the fact is that there is no such thing as if.