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The seven-pointed star pattern gradually penetrated into the worn floor and was replaced by a simple map with a conspicuous red dot flashing.

It’s obviously where they’re going next.
"Where is this?" Zhou Yan failed and looked at the questions.
"It’s the church," Michael replied without thinking. "Today is the place where they have mass on Sunday."
Ji Fang Wei Shen said, "The seventh day of God’s six-day creation is his rest day, and Sunday is not a mass day for ordinary Christians."
Zhou Yan glanced at Mike silently, as if expressing his doubts about his angel professionalism.
Why can’t an angel notice the strangeness?
Michael snorted and said, "I didn’t think so much."
"Will Pazuzu be in there?" Zhou Yan asked
"It should be," said Ji Fangwei. "It takes some kind of ceremony to collect souls."
Zhou Yan asked, "What ceremony?"
"We need a robot," Michael replied.
Zhou Yan and Ji Fang only looked at Michael in unison, and his blue eyes became gloomy as if a storm was brewing and the sea was gathering with a raging wave. He said slowly, "That little girl Chezia is probably the vessel."
He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and when he opened his eyes again, he returned to his former cheerful appearance and said, "That little girl of Chesia is an angel-devil hybrid."
"What?" Zhou Yan said in disbelief
"Yes," Michael narrowed his eyes and said, "She is a mixture of angels and demons. I don’t know how Lilith and Connor gave birth to this little girl. Her body is mixed with two completely different blood lines, and her behavior is strange. She is a chaotic product or she has no soul."
Zhou Yan nodded thoughtfully and said, "No wonder her appearance and behavior are very strange."
"It was Lilith’s intention," Michael sneered. "Only the most chaotic and evil soul can bear the most powerful force of hell."
"Then the way to stop evil spirits from coming to the world is to kill her." Ji Fangwei said aside that he inferred that there was a look in his eyes. "This is the general condition."
Chezia’s ugly deformed face flashed through Zhou Yan’s mind. He frowned and said, "Don’t talk about us going to that weird church first."
After he finished speaking, the floor showed that the map had changed again.
Three strange masks appeared on the map.
[ding! Congratulations to the players for getting tickets for the black rose diffusion ceremony. Please choose your own masks]
[Warm show that your choice is important for your life, please choose carefully]
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
Angel devil 18

Black mass
There are three masks on the map, namely, a horn mask and a horn mask with a strange beak.
These masks are made of bronze, which is exquisite. Whether it is the distortion of the horn or the details of the beak, they are carefully polished and lifelike.
Two dark holes drilled in the eye position represent their own eyes, and a raised wrinkle is carved at the eyebrow bone of the eye, and the eyebrows are engraved with deep lines when flying from the mask to the temple position. The three masks all vaguely reflect disturbing evil.
Zhou Yan is almost fascinated by the three masks in front of him. He has never seen a mask that can fully express his emotions in real life.
Anger, evil, unwillingness, arrogance …
All kinds of negative emotions are vividly reflected in the three masks.
When Zhou Yan looked at them, he felt that his blood was blindly bumping around.
"The horn is a symbol of Satan," Zhou Yan said, pointing to the horn mask. "I remember that Satan was a newcomer to heaven and he was guilty of arrogance."
Ji Fangwei looked at the horn mask and said, "Then this is mephistopheles, he is a follower of Satan."
"Don’t talk about Pazuzu in this bird’s mouth," Michael said.
Three masks floated in the middle, Zhou Yan stared at them intently, and finally pointed to the mask representing Satan and said, "I want this."
Michael scratched his head and said, "Is it decided so soon?"
Baby Zhou Yan seems to have picked up a slightly heavy horn mask, watched and fumbled for the details of the carving, and gestured the size of the face, muttering to himself, "Because this carving is the most exquisite, I must make a similar one when I get back."
"Er …" Michael tugged at the angel, and it was the first time he saw that human beings seemed to have a different enthusiasm for ordinary people to take evil things.
The original bronze mask is a little uncomfortable when worn on the face, but this mask seems to be very light and tightly attached to Zhou Yan’s skin just after wearing the face. There is no weird feeling as if he was born to make it.
Since the system requires wearing a mask, then this must be followed by a heel.
Zhou Yan is not worried about what the mask will do to himself.
Seeing that the other two were wearing masks, Zhou Yan swept their eyes hidden in the shadows and didn’t look strange. He nodded and said, "Let’s go."
As soon as he came out, he felt that his voice was released through the mask and became very rough as if it had been sanded.