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A few words from the star floated to Sun Li’s ear as if something had just happened.

Sun Li asked a classmate next to him that he had just jumped from the fifth floor by himself, and people were dying. Sun Li walked briskly with Sun’s thoughtlessness, followed by his classmates’ discussion. Sun Li gradually learned that a jump was another academic lecture hall. Huang Yong, a chemistry professor who came back from the United States, jumped off the floor because many students didn’t listen to his report. According to several students present, the scene was very strange at that time, and the school leaders strictly ordered students not to talk nonsense until the incident was clear.
Sun Li heard the heart in his ear, didn’t he? Sun Zhou also looked at the kiddo trail. "Kiddo, you speak so well. I said, how many people are coming over even the students in the opposite academic lecture hall? You’re killing people!"
Sun Li gave this kid a hard look and said, "Are you engaged in psychological counseling? Have you ever heard of anyone running to death like this?"
Sun’s ill-advised horse nodded. "There’s something wrong with it."
The two brothers and sisters went downstairs and came to the gate of the library. They saw a large group of people around to see the situation. People were lying there, and the police seemed to have arrived because of the school security.
Sun thoughtlessly turned to Sun Li and said, "I’ll go in first and see which one can’t think of it." Say that finish, without waiting for Sun Li to talk for a moment, loach generally got into the crowd. Sun Li shook his head and said, "This younger brother will die or not. Maybe a piece of tofu will kill him."
The girl path with big glasses next to Sun Li "This library is so weird. In less than half a year, another one died. It used to be a graduate student jumping off a building, but now it is a doctor who returned from studying in the United States."
Another girl also said, "It’s not that the graduate student in front threatened that he couldn’t graduate because his tutor plagiarized his article. It’s okay to think about it for a while, but this one is different." The girl’s voice is even smaller. "I heard that Ma was going to be the vice president of our school in her early thirties. It was a spring breeze. I can’t imagine it. You said it was weird."
The girl with big glasses is a little shaky. "I think it’s not only weird, but also scary."
"Well, I think we should come here less!"
Sun Li couldn’t help but say, "These two students are wrong. The library is the most important place in a university. How many philosophers and wise men have come to the library? We are here to study devoutly. How can we be associated with strange terror?"
Sun Liyi said sternly. When two girls saw that Sun Li was a teacher, they nodded quickly and said, "Teacher, we are wrong!" Sun Li was about to make up for two more words of Sun’s thoughtlessness, and he took Sun Li by the arm and said, "Let’s go."
Sun Li Sun Zhou was far away from the lively center. Sun Li asked, "What’s the matter?"
"The man was lying three meters away from me, and I saw that his bones were all scattered and dirty, and he was stuck to the ground like a plaster." Sun Li saw that Sun Buzhou had a strange face and knew that he had not said anything. "What else to say together?"
Sun buzhou suddenly said, "I’ve seen that dead man."
"Have you seen it?"
Sun Buzhou nodded and said, "You have been to our psychological clinic."
"You are a patient"
Sun Zhou "almost, but most people have that kind of problem, but he is more serious."
"What disease?"
Sun buzhou’s paranoia is that he is always worried that someone will harm him seriously, that is, he can’t do anything at this time every spring. Speaking of this Sun buzhou, "I think he may have suddenly lost his mind because of this, and he will make this incredible move when the unified control is out of line."
Sun Li said, "Yes, I just heard outside that he seems to be going to be the vice principal of this school soon. How could he suddenly commit suicide? This is unreasonable."
Sun Zhou shook his head and said, "I don’t know what it was. I asked him to confess the reason, but he didn’t say it in the end. But through words, I can feel that he was doing something very sorry to someone."
Sun Li nodded. "This is likely to be suspicious of others. It is often because he has done something wrong and then worried that others will treat him like him."
Sun buzhou said, "No matter he may die, it is a relief for him."
Half an hour later, Sun Li appeared in Shangri-La Hotel.
Sun Li saw that his younger brother Sun Zhou was very rich and ordered several luxurious "dishes" and said, "It seems that my younger brother is doing well here and can come to such a high-end place."
Sun buzhou immediately said modestly, "just so-so."
Sun Li said this flattery before, and the horse leaned over and whispered, "It’s not so bad recently, is it?"
"Hey!" Sun buzhou immediately shouted, "Sister can’t look at people with old eyes!"
"Oh, that’s luck. I remember Mr. Zi said that you were unlucky from birth."
Sun Buzhu Xi Xi smiled. "I’m not afraid of bad luck. I’m just experiencing the life situation. I recently met a noble person and may be expected to get rid of this fate curse." When it comes to Sun Buzhu, it’s a bit vicious.
"Bro, I’m relieved that you have this mentality. I hope you will continue to promote the spirit of not killing Xiaoqiang!" Sun Li smile happily say
Juan city yaozong
Chapter IV Sun Zhou’s Happy Life
At ten o’clock in the evening, Sun Buzhou returned to his psychological clinic, and Sun Buzhou lived in the clinic. It was convenient to lie on a simple bed at any time.
Sun thoughtlessly looked at this simple bed with strange eyes. Three days ago, his essence was in this bed, and the hanging bed didn’t collapse.
Now Sun Zhou is lying in bed and thinking about it.
Aftertaste for a while, Sun’s bad face crossed and he took out his mobile phone to look left and right, but he was itchy but didn’t dare to call Essence.
Sun Zhou has this consciousness. Essence is a famous person and a busy man. Maybe there are media reporters watching, so Sun Zhou is honestly waiting for Essence to take the initiative to call him, just like three nights ago.
Three nights ago, Essence called him for a drink. Two people drank all night in a bar. Later, Essence said that she was tired and didn’t want to go home. She said, Go to your house!
Sun Buchou’s head stood on end at that time, and when Essence Sun Buchou’s home was his clinic, Xi Xi smiled and pushed Sun Buchou down two people in the simple bed Hu Tianhu.
After the good thing, Essence kissed Sun Buzhou and said, "I like you!"
At that moment, Sun Zhou felt that the beauty was gone, and he felt that the injustice suffered by this generation was worth it.
At Shangri-La Hotel, the elder sister talked about this person.
Sun Buzhou asked his sister Sun Li Sun Li that it was still the same and the so-called same. Sun Li then asked Sun Buzhou that Sun Buzhou also said that Sun Li didn’t believe it. Because Sun Buzhou’s forehead was stolen, his eyes glanced at his body, and his taste was different. He definitely had an object. When Sister Sun Buzhou said this, he couldn’t help but feel proud. Many men in this city dreamed that women would have such a romantic night and there was a possibility of continuous exhibition. Sun Buzhou also faintly showed off a little bit, saying that the other party was a celebrity, depending on the size of Taiwan workers. Sister Sun Li said, Don’t sit up and
Sister’s admiration made Sun ill-advised, which was quite gratifying.