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If all this is true, the little brother has always wanted to find the leader of the regiment, that is, the mother, and the two of them will go against each other one day

I was flustered at the thought of going on strike here.
Little brother’s hatred of evil is sure to act according to law. That mother … she finally reunited with her.
No, she’s going to talk to her mother. Maybe, maybe she thinks too much about everything.
I’m in a mess when I’m singing, and I can’t talk to my mother until I’m calm.
Her mind is full of pictures of their family together, and she misses those days.
It took more than an hour to go on strike to calm yourself down. It is better to face it bravely than to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.
It’s past eleven o’clock. When Wu Yalan saw her daughter, she was stunned. She probably thought of something, but she didn’t look flustered. Let go of the Buddhist scriptures and calmly said, "Haven’t you slept yet?"
Sheng Song looked at her and said, "I’m a little insomnia. Can I sleep with my mother tonight?"
Wu Yalan spoiled and smiled, then uncovered the quilt and moved a little to the left. "Come and lie down!"
The strike went over first by the headrest and then by Wu Yalan’s arms, and neither of them spoke.
The orange light makes people feel particularly warm. Wu Yalan patted her daughter on the shoulder and couldn’t sleep. Wu Yalan didn’t really put her to sleep.
As soon as I leaned into my mother’s arms, I felt sour at the tip of my nose. It took a long time to stabilize my mood again.
"Mom, how did you get through all these years?" Shengge asked softly
At that time, it was much sadder for my mother to leave her daughter than for her to go abroad alone.
Mom never told his father the real reason for his death. She knew that most of them were heard from neighbors.
"Hey?" Wu Yalan smiled. "It is really suffering!"
That kind of revenge can’t be done by hand. The pain of the enemy is really suffering.
Her revenge is not smooth, but the horse will succeed. Those who have suffered are worth it.
Zuo Kang is desperate, no matter whether he was intimidated by any hand or not, it is wrong. Isn’t his son’s life a life and her husband’s life a life?
She knows that the French Open is long, but she has come this far, and almost ten years later, Zuo Kang’s behind-the-scenes people surfaced.
It’s all worth it
"Mom never regretted her choice?" The music is very light because the sound in my mother’s arms is still a little stuffy.
"no!" Wu Yalan patted the strikers and never stopped. There were no two words: clear pronunciation and clear pronunciation, crisp and agile, with a vicious spirit.
"Mom, why didn’t you tell me to bear all this alone!" Tears came out after the party, and she knew very well that if her mother’s identity was found out, it would be forever.
"I have lost my husband, and I can’t bear losing my daughter. You can only grow up safely when you are away from Lancheng and sheltered by Jijia. Mom hopes my daughter can live happily!" Don’t be tortured by hatred, just bear all the consequences alone, otherwise when she gets there, she is the only blood of Xia family and can’t be stained.
"Mom …" Mom chose this road is a point of no return.
"Silly boy!" Actually, she wanted to wait until she got revenge, but she was afraid that there would be no chance at that time, and she missed her daughter.
She wanted to tell her daughter all this later after killing Zuo Kang, but she didn’t expect that she actually noticed it.
"Don’t be sad in time. Mom won’t make it difficult for you. If you want to tell Nanfeng all this now, Mom won’t blame you!" Wu Yalan’s voice is always soft.
Shake one’s head and shake one’s head desperately. Although I want to control it hard, my tears still keep flowing.
She can’t. This person is her mother. She’s not a bad person.
"Mom, I don’t want to leave Qingcheng for abroad with you, okay?" Going on strike will be a mess. That’s all she can think of now
They took Xiao April abroad to re-establish themselves.
Wu Yalan took a deep breath and patted her daughter on the back. "Mom has also done a lot of things in revenge. Since she has come to this stage, there is no turning back. If she can’t kill Zuo Kang and find out the person behind him, her nine years of hard work will become a joke. Mom won’t leave!"
Chapter 27 The more calm, the more determined
"But I can’t watch my mother have an accident. What should I do if my mother has an accident? Mom, please, if the father’s death is really caused by Zuo Kang, the law will not let him go. Besides, the next time I went to the little brother’s office, I saw him investigating the father’s case nine years ago. He has already investigated this matter. Mom, please leave before anyone knows your identity! " Looking at my mother with tears in her eyes and holding her hand tightly.
Wu Yalan’s eyes are red, too. She didn’t laugh and stretch out her hand to touch the hair of the strike. "Silly child’s mother will never give up her mother’s revenge at this time after so many years of waiting. She has done a lot of wrong things if she can’t avenge your father. How can her mother face meet him!" Wu Yalan is still soft but firm.
"Everyone has their own time to walk. Mom has a mother’s choice. Mom insists that you can rest assured that mom will not let you catch me and the south wind!" Wu Yalan wiped her daughter’s tears.
Hold mom’s hand "that’s not what I mean. I’m not afraid of difficulties. I’m worried that something will happen to mom. Sister He Min’s identity has been exposed. The police will soon find you here. You are in danger now. If you believe me, I will avenge my father, but I won’t put myself in danger."
"No," Wu Yalan interrupted the strike. "I will never allow it." She looked at the strike with burning eyes and pinched her fingers. Her fingers were cold and trembling slightly. "Don’t get involved in this matter when you listen to your mother!"
Wu Yalan knew very well that she had chosen a road of no return as soon as she started.
Once he set foot on this road, he never looked back. Maybe she knew what she had paid, but she thought it was worth it to lose her husband.
But she won’t watch her daughter make the same mistake, and it’s enough for her husband to get revenge on her, and she can’t watch her daughter, so she’s in danger, so she’ll be ashamed to see her husband and be a mother.
"Mom, I won’t put myself in danger. Don’t worry, I will never let go of those who framed my father. I swear!" The face of the singer is almost white because of too much worry.
"No, I won’t agree to the question of time!" The color in Wu Yalan’s eyes is getting deeper and deeper, and there is no room for the world to turn. The mother and daughter sit face to face and look at each other. Looking at their mother’s appearance seems to be the same as before, but the coldness in their eyes makes her strange head suddenly burst out of some holes and panic.
Wu Yalan knows very well in her heart that things are not as simple as time thought, and now she is not only afraid that the police will find out her identity, but that since the death of Peng Tao, there have been several forces in the gang department. If they know that Peng Tao died two years ago because she leaked the secret and knew that her real purpose of joining Longmen would bring all the trouble to the music festival.
She not only wants to avenge her husband, but also completely annihilate the Longmen forces in Yunnan. How many people have been killed by these drug lords and how many people like her husband have been wiped out by the police? Her husband won’t blame her for doing these things so that he can make amends for what he has to do wrong.
She never wanted to escape from everything she did, and she never wanted her daughter to atone for her. She was wrong. He took the blood on her hand, and she came to pay her back. She didn’t regret all this.
But it’s not time yet. When she finishes all this, she will give everyone an explanation.
Wu Yalan stroked her daughter’s cheek slowly, as if she were a child and gently wiped away her tears. Her lips were still filled with a slight smile or a strike, which impressed her gentle and kind mother.
"Time mom has long thought about everything without worrying about mom. Mom thought about it before she came to find you. Mom wanted to come to you after everything was over, but mom wanted to spend more time with you. Every time we get along with now is stolen. We should cherish it. Even if mom leaves one day, you should live well. You still have the south wind and April. Don’t do stupid things, not to mention mom’s sadness!"
I watched my mother cry, and my fingers were tightly clenched in a corner.
"Don’t be sad, mom really wants to finally do something for your dad. It’s always been a dad. Mom pays for her. Finally, when she does something, she regards you as a mom’s wish." The calmer she is, the more determined she is.
"Mom, I can’t bear to part with you. I finally got together with you. I don’t want to part with you."
"It doesn’t matter if you want us to live. We haven’t seen each other for nine years. Have you forgotten your mother?"
Shengge shook her head, but she knew she couldn’t persuade her mother. She was determined.
That night, I went to bed with my mother. Everyone knew that the other party was not asleep, but no one spoke again for a long night.
When I woke up the next day, my mother forgot her shoes, and she rushed upstairs with her hair hanging freely. She was afraid that her mother had left because of the conversation last night.
But when she rushed to the last few steps of the stairs, Wu Yalan came out of the kitchen with a breakfast smile as if nothing had happened. Hurry up and wash and eat breakfast! "
The singer rushed to hug Wu Yalan with a sour nose. "Mom, don’t leave me again!"
Wu Yalan was held by her daughter for a long time before she slowly said, "A good mother will never leave you!"
Wu Yalan’s indifferent expression is true. It’s just a comfort to know that her mother’s words are just plain after experiencing Qian Fan.
When Ji Nanfeng came in, he was still holding Wu Yalan’s hand when he went on strike. He paused to go on strike. Although he was sexually clever in front of his elders, it was rare for such a young child to be coquetry. Did he cry when his eyes were red?
When I saw the south wind, I let go of my hand and wiped my tears. "Why are you here so early?"
"I’m here to send Xiao April to school and have breakfast by the way. Mom’s cooking is so good that I can’t help but come here unconsciously!"
Chapter 2 He always loves me, and I don’t want to make him sad.
Ji Nanfeng always plays coquetry and sells well in front of the elders. This kind of coaxing is to open your mouth and come, and it is said that your face is not red and you are out of breath. The expression is just like the truth