However, we can’t know if he really said, "You said you put the needle medicine on it" until this needle is confirmed.

"I wiped them and asked me to prick you. I was afraid of killing myself and bought my own diarrhea medicine." The boy nodded and said.
"Did they tell you anything to teach me a lesson?" Haikui asked again.
The boy shook his head to show that he didn’t know
"You are a student in this school." Haikui looked at him.
The boy was looked at very badly. Shu Haikui’s eyes made him feel cold and nodded.
"I see, you go." Haikui knew that he was an ordinary man and he didn’t think of the sin he had committed, so he wouldn’t have any difficulty in letting the boy go.
When the boy heard Haikui let him go, he walked past Haikui as quickly as he was granted Amnesty. It was like returning to summer from the ice and snow, and he broke out in a cold sweat.
Chapter 126 Chrysanthemum in jeopardy
Haikui looked at the boy’s back and didn’t turn away until he disappeared from his sight.
The boy came to the boy dormitory building and suddenly a man came out from the side and stretched out his hand and pulled the boy, who was the thirty man who claimed to be Lao Dong.
The boy was a little flustered and said, "I can’t do that. I don’t want the money if I am found."
Old Dong laughed. "I didn’t expect him to be so alert when I saw him."
"Yes, it scared me." The boy remembered Haikui’s cold eyes.
"Hey, hey, your guts are too small, but you will get bigger and bigger after you don’t know me." Old Dong smiled and narrowed his eyes into a line.
The boy shook his head as if he still wanted him to do something and said, "Don’t look for me, I can’t do it."
"Don’t worry, I won’t let you do things that hurt others. Business is not righteous. I just want to move, and I need people to work. Please help me move one hundred pieces, such as" Lao Dong said with a smile on his mouth.
The boy bowed his head and thought about it. He felt a little wrong, but he thought that he was so grown-up and still a boy, so he nodded and agreed.
Old Dong took the boys out of school and asked, "I haven’t asked your name yet."
The boy smiled implicitly, "My name is Chen Qiongyan."
"Chen Qiongyan" bald old Dong didn’t think much about directly saying "How old is a good name this year?"
"I’m twenty years old this year," Chen Qiongyan honestly replied.
"Good good" old tung ponder eyed Chen Qiongyan nodded.
He took Chen Qiongyan to a car outside the school and roared off.
Haikui came to Shizuka and they knocked on two doors. They promised to guess that they might be practicing or going out shopping, but it is more likely to let him talk, Shizuka and Yunxiyue are practicing.
There was no answer after knocking at the door. Haikui was about to turn around and leave when the door suddenly opened.
Shizuka saw that Haikui said "Come in" and turned to go back.
Haikui shook her head and found that Shizuka had returned to her former cold personality. It was impossible to change it for a while.
"Cherish the moon?" Haikui looked at the living room and didn’t see the clouds cherish the moon.
"Practicing in the house? You are looking for her." Shizuka took out a bottle of drink and threw it to Haikui.
"Don’t look for me, just ask by the way. Can you tell if something is coated with anything toxic or not?" Haikui looked at Shizuka and asked.
Shizuka shook her head but didn’t speak. After a few seconds, "I can try."
Haikui took the needle out of Gankun’s bag and gave it to Shizuka.
Shizuka took it and looked at it for a while and said, "Nothing strange is just an ordinary needle."
Then, before Haikui could answer, he took out a small silver bottle from the bag, took a little water and threw the needle into it. "We’ll see if it’s poisonous later."
Haikui turned his eyelids and said, "What strange way am I still? It’s silver to try poison."
Shizuka glared at Haikui and said, "Since you know what, don’t try it yourself."
"I didn’t think of it at the moment." Haikui laughed.
Shizuka didn’t bother to ask him more questions. "Is this the case today?"
"Oh, and ask me what time did you say where you met in the past? Do you think you are impatient and don’t welcome me very much?" Haikui said with a cold face when she saw Shizuka.
Shizuka sighed, "No, I feel bad and quite stuffy for no reason these days."
Haikui didn’t ask any more questions when he saw her like this. After all, he couldn’t solve her problem.
"It’s better for you to go to the sixth floor of the comprehensive building." Haikui asked again.
"Yeah, so do we."
Jingxiang probe looked at the needle in a silver bottle, which was normal and the silver statue did not change color. She pointed out that it was "no change, no poison"
Haikui also saw it and nodded his head. The boy in the back channel didn’t lie to me.
Chen Qiongyan sat in the old Dong car and drove for twenty minutes before it stopped. He didn’t think much about it. As soon as the car stopped, he asked the old Dong to stretch out his hand and hold his arm. "You wait in the car for a while and I’ll see how the packing is going."
Chen Qiongyan doesn’t doubt that he nodded and looked at Lao Dong’s car.
Old Dong came back after about three or four minutes. He hit the door and said to Chen Qiongyan, "Come on."
Chen Qiongyan obediently followed Lao Dong to a unit building and followed him to the third floor.
After entering the room, I found that there were few sofas and a carpet on the ground, and there were already two men sitting on the sofa.
Chen Qiongyan is surprised that there are so many people when so little furniture is moved. It is enough for two people to find a truck to pull the sofa and the cabinet carpet as soon as it is collected.
He is wondering if the old Dong asked one person on the sofa "Let’s see".