"This is …"

"Razer! ! !”
"It’s the Antarctic Emperor in Heaven!"
I looked around the environment for a while, and the more I saw it, the more familiar I felt. I remembered it carefully for a moment and remembered that Leihai used to have exactly the same Razer layout.
This one
He is white.
Knowing that it is the four emperors in heaven, the immortal emperor of Antarctica, who trapped him here!
Probably, the evolution of Leizejing was so real that it was only born in the Antarctic Emperor, the innate Taoist master of Leize.
"The Taoist priest has seen the emperor."
"I wonder if the emperor’s fate has blocked my way?"
Road flyover pressure heart dissatisfaction with extinction respectful salute way
Knowing the identity of the bearer, he clearly realized one thing, that is, he can’t be the opponent of the other party.
If it’s true that it’s him, it’s the magic door, and now the person in charge is here, and it’s no match for others
The whole magic door will be the opponent of the four emperors if you fight alone unless the magic ancestor Luo is present
After all, that’s the four emperors!
The four most powerful sacred positions
The blessing of rank power can burst into power comparable to that of saints.
Faced with such a strong force, does this make the Taoist priest who first entered the quasi-holy realm resist?
The gap between segments is really too big.
Yes, that is, the Taoist priest who destroyed the world did not smile at the wind Zichen’s road move, but he did not dare to show the slightest fear of offending the other party to get killed.
Of course, this is mainly because he knows that among the four emperors, except Gouchen the Great, none of them have anything to do with Xuanmen.
If heaven and heaven were the emperor of science, the Taoist priest would have risen up and resisted.
Not being a member of the Xuanmen means that they have no qualitative conflict or can become allies.
"Stop you?"
"Don’t you really have no idea in your heart?"
Virtual a twisted wind zichen stepped out and walked to the road flyover extinct coldly say
"If I remember correctly, it’s the first time I’ve met the Emperor."
"I don’t know the emperor will be so hostile to me. Is it before me …"
"Is it …"
Speaking of which, the Taoist priest suddenly thought of something and asked with a frown
"Don’t you think the Emperor came because of the thunder?"
The only thing he can relate to Lei Ze in the memory of the Taoist priest who perished in the world is the fact that he devoured Lei Jun in the past.
But this
The Antarctic emperor has?
Although both of them were born by Razer, it is obvious that they were not born at the same time.
Otherwise, the fate of the Antarctic emperor will be swallowed up by the Taoist priest who perished in the world.
But this is not the case in this world. Then it should be said that the Antarctic emperor was born again after the death of Lei Jun.
In that case, the two sides should not pay each other, and there is no reason to take revenge on the Antarctic Emperor.
On the contrary, he also wants to thank the Taoist who destroyed the world.
If it hadn’t been for the exterminator who devoured Lei Jun, it wouldn’t have been that simple for the Antarctic Emperor to take charge of Razer alone.
At the very least, you have to do it first.
"Yes, that’s why I’m here."
The wind zichen nodded and continued
"Now that Taoist friends have thought of the reason, so Taoist friends have taken their own lives?"
"Or let me give Taoist a ride?"
For him, it doesn’t matter why the Taoist priest is not white. What matters is that he wants to destroy the Taoist priest and die
"Emperor, although you were born with Razer, but you didn’t know each other, you suffered their revenge?"
"Kill me, of course, they got revenge, but the emperor will offend the whole magic door. It’s not worth it!"
"I hope the emperor will think twice!"
The Taoist priest who heard the news completely changed his face and quickly stated the disadvantages of killing him to Feng Zichen in a slightly urgent tone.
Trying to put pressure on Feng Zichen by the magic power to force him to change his mind.
It’s not a joke to destroy the world.
Kill him.
It will really offend the whole magic door
You know, although the magic door has two swords, the first one is to protect the gods and kill the immortals, but these two swords are too heavy to suppress fate by law.
All kinds of evil spirits, ancestors, ancestors, evil spirits, and evil spirits suppressed the fate of the magic gate.
And the road flyover of extinction is transformed by the twelve extinct black lotus.
To kill him is to shake the foundation of the magic door
Will the magic door not be angry?
It’s no big deal to offend the whole magic door.
But since Feng Zichen is going to kill people in the world, how can it matter?
The magic door can’t scare him yet.
Xuanmen is more like it.