Su Chen met this beautiful woman in the pharmaceutical business at a dinner three years ago. They hit it off at first sight, and more importantly, they chatted. It turned out that Su Ye’s sister also knew Chen Kexin.

Su Chen is still the legal representative of their Chen Pharmaceutical Group Company. When Su Chen thinks of Chen Kexin, she knows that she doesn’t need to buy a pharmaceutical factory. She should take out the prescription far away and then discuss a certain proportion of how much to sell a year, so she can save a lot of hands and feet. Su Chen’s plan is now negotiated without telling the distance. When she thinks of this, Su Chen said, "So you can write a prescription first and then note its efficacy and methods so that I can discuss with some friends in the pharmaceutical industry."
"Okay, no problem." Yuan said Su Chenma took out a piece of paper and handed it to Yuan.
Far smiled and laughed. "You know treasures!"
"Is this a baby?"
From a distance, I wrote with a brush and said, "Of course, it’s a baby. Some pharmaceutical families started from a pharmacy. This prescription is the most precious, but things are more important than life. I’ll write you a general one. Show it to experts and shock them enough."
"You just blow it." After all, Su Chen saw the distance and finished writing the horse, so she drew the paper back and put it away well. Now she has a deeper understanding of this brother-in-law who is not a person but a god. Of course, she knows that it is a treasure to come out easily.
Su Chen put away the prescription and patted his LV bag wittily and said, "Now you are always at ease here for illness. It is estimated that in a few days, people from the procuratorate will come to have a good rest and prepare for the upcoming battle. I’ll find someone to join the pharmaceutical factory to provide evidence on our side. I’ll call my assistant lawyer to come over and you can make a list for him." Then Su Chen left the hospital in a hurry.
As soon as Su Chen came out of the hospital, he dialed the Chen Kexin dialect and opened his mouth. "Sister Chen Kexin, I will show you a good thing!"
Chapter 25 The world of prescriptions
Chen’s old medicine is in a very good situation in the national exhibition. Four state-owned provinces have set up branch factories to cover the whole country, east, west, north and south. But speaking, the Chinese medicine proprietary Chinese medicine market is mainly divided by these small countries in Southeast Asia, and the most local industrial exhibition of Chinese medicine origin scientific research talents is far behind.
Chen Kexin’s idea is to benefit their brand sales channels, specialize in management talents and add their own core technology. In her view, the combination of these two aspects will definitely produce great impetus.
This matter has been carried out in an orderly and impatient manner in Chen Kexin, and now it has entered the final stage.
As far as the president’s style is concerned, Chen Kexin is different from Fang Ya in bold and unconstrained style. She likes to coordinate exhibitions slowly and steadily, which is somewhat because she comes from a family of traditional Chinese medicine.
Many people in the Chen family are mostly engaged in traditional Chinese medicine in the pharmaceutical industry, and Chen Kexin’s accomplishments in traditional Chinese medicine are also very deep, but she pulled out of the hospital and took over the family pharmaceutical factory to develop traditional Chinese medicine.
Chen Kexin had just finished yoga when she got a call from Suchen.
Chen Kexin is not famous except as a pharmaceutical boss, but she has another identity, which is almost a big star, that is, she is also a very famous yoga queen.
Chen Kexin has made several yoga books in one breath, which can be said to be a best seller in this respect, and there are many yoga chain halls in Shanghai and Hangzhou.
This is Chen Kexin’s two-handed industrial route, focusing on Chinese patent medicine for "treatment"; On the other hand, the modern urban health center, which includes traditional Chinese medicine massage, foot bath and Indian yoga, is in good condition for these two industries.
Because she insisted on yoga for a long time, Chen Kexin has a very good figure, even better than Su Chen, almost perfect.
Suchen’s figure is great and she is always proud of it. Because of years of martial arts training, Suchen is not satisfied with the flower stand. She is already a master of dark strength, so there is a kind of beauty that is particularly tough and tough, but Chen Kexin is different. If the animal shape is compared, Suchen is a beautiful cheetah and Chen Kexin is suspected to be the most beautiful sika deer.
Chen Kexin’s skin is glittering and translucent as jade, and the proportion of her body is almost perfect. Su Chen and Chen Kexin get along well. One reason is to envy Chen Kexin’s good figure. On the other hand, Chen Kexin has a temperament close to Su Ye’s sister, which belongs to that kind of standard gentleness. Classical beauty is particularly considerate. She manages such a large pharmaceutical group and yoga chain, but there is no boss’s aggressive style. She can always make people take care of her heart in the breeze and drizzle. Pei Su Chen wants to be her own Fang Yaji, who is rushing to do things by various means to stimulate artificial potential. However, Chen Kexin seems to have these tricks
Suchen got out of the hospital, took the car and went straight to Chen Kexin’s house.
In the middle of the traffic, she exercised a warning sign in Suchen’s heart. She glanced in the rearview mirror and a black Buick followed closely.
Su Chen, as a lawyer, not only has the ability of logical analysis and reasoning, but also has a great memory. As early as in college, all her roommates had tested putting a lot of things on the table that didn’t fit each other very well. After taking a look, the horse took it back into the bag and let Su Chen say that it would not be pulled one by one. Therefore, although the street cars are coming and going at the moment, Su Chen still feels that the car behind him has been far away from himself.
Suchen’s face shows a sneer. She is no stranger to this scene. Whenever she receives a big case and the other party is very strong and both black and white are very powerful, this situation often occurs. Suchen likes racing when she steps on the gas pedal.
The BMW 7 car had an excellent sense of handling, and then Su Chen, the outer ring road, didn’t even know his destination. After half an hour, he didn’t see the poor guest Su Chen again. Only then did the steering wheel go straight to Chen Kexin’s sister’s house.
After ringing the doorbell, Chen Kexin came out in a white bathrobe and said, "Why did you come now?"
At this time, Chen Kexin just took a shower for a while, and she was still a little wet, but she also exuded a faint fragrance that made people feel close. Suchen knew that Chen Kexin had no perfume, but it was her nose and eyes that stared at the V-shaped neckline of Chen Kexin, revealing a large white chest and deliberately swallowed a mouthful of water and said, "Sister Lu, your figure is getting better and better."
"You are sweet."
"What a blessed man who married you!" Suchen sighed and imagined in her head what man Chen Kexin was doing in bed.
"Which so many words come in" Chen Kexin criticise clear eyes as if knowing what Suchen is thinking and getting used to Suchen always pretending to be a female pervert in front of your face.
Suchen followed Chen Kexin into the hall and sat in the sand with great care.
Chen Kexin turned gracefully at the bar. "What would you like to drink?"
"Have a cup of oolong tea."
"good!" Chen Kexin quickly brought a cup of oolong tea to Su Chen and said, "Come on, what good things can I bring to my sister?"
Su Chen was not busy showing off the baby she brought, and she still praised, "Sister Lu is so beautiful!"
"What’s the matter today? Mouth like honey. "
"No, I really lament that Sister Chen Kexin is one of the few beauties with classical temperament in today’s society."
Su Chen is right. Chen Kexin is indeed a beautiful woman with classical temperament. Black-and-white eyes are pure and clear, which reminds people of the wonderful figure of Qingjian in the mountains. The hardware aspect is even more difficult for people to turn their eyes. However, Chen Kexin’s behavior and gestures have a natural romantic charm. If Su Chen’s elegance gives men an intuitive and violent visual conflict, then Chen Kexin often gives people a sense of lingering aftertaste.
"You said I was beautiful, but you wanted me to praise you a few words. I wouldn’t say anything but take out your so-called good things." Chen Kexin smiled leisurely.
Su Chen said, "What do you think is a good thing? !”
Chen Kexin smiled and said, "I can’t guess, but it’s probably something I like."
Su Chen turned and smiled. "I won’t sell it either. I have a friend who wants to contribute a prescription to your company, but it depends on how legal your company is." Su Chen said in his heart that since he is far confident in the prescription, now some agents are brokers, so it is natural for him to seek the best interests from his employer, so when it comes to this, he naturally put away his laughing look just now
"Oh?" Chen Kexin raised his eyebrows and said, "Suchen, it turned out that you were talking about business with me."
Su Chen immediately ha ha a smile "is to talk about business and friendship, otherwise I wouldn’t have thought of my sister you first."
Chen Kexin frowned slightly and said, "What kind of prescription is it?" Chen Kexin thought that Suchen didn’t know anything about medicine. She wouldn’t have been cheated by anyone. But on second thought, Suchen always cheated others more than Cong people. If she took a fancy to this prescription, it might be really valuable. However, if Suchen can break it accurately, although she is a martial arts expert, she can obviously be regarded as an amateur. I want to make this contribution. The prescription is made by Suchen, who is quite trustworthy and Chen Kexin is exquisite. I guess a few thoughts.
"That’s it!" Su Chen said and handed over the prescription written far away, but it did not include the theory of efficacy.
Chen Kexin took the prescription and looked at it. First, he said "Yi" and locked his eyebrows. He felt that this prescription was really unusual, or rather weird. When you look at it carefully, Chen Kexin’s good-looking eyebrows are getting more and more wrinkled, but after a while, he will soon forget that Suchen is entering a state close to forgetting herself, and Suchen does not disturb Chen Kexin. He is sitting quietly drinking tea and closing his eyes.
An hour later, Chen Kexin looked up and said, "How did you get this prescription?"
"A friend gave it!" Su Chen said generously, "Why not?"
Chen Kexin suddenly got up and said, "I’m not sure if you don’t mind if I report the prescription to my grandfather?"
"Good!" Su Chen replied
Chen Kexin’s face flashed a little excited. The horse went to make a phone call. Suchen caught the beauty and looked reliable. It seems that the brother-in-law’s prescription shocked Chen Kexin. You know, Chen Kexin is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and her grandfather is one of the best Chinese medicine leaders in the south.
After a while, Chen Kexin said to Suchen with some apologies, "My grandfather said it would take an hour."
"Didn’t you think for an hour without waiting for Chen Kexin?"
"Ah, I’ve been thinking for an hour?"
Su Chen nodded and asked, "What took you so long?"
I think I have handed over the problem to my grandfather. Chen Kexin’s excitement has calmed down a lot. "Su Chen, what would you do if you saw an exclusive martial arts secret that belongs to Gu Wu?"
Suchen suddenly understood a pair of suddenly.
Chen Kexin nodded and said, "It’s almost the same feeling that we who engage in Chinese medicine can see a unique prescription. The excitement is farewell, especially when it is possible to leave a prescription to the medical sage. Don’t underestimate this prescription, but it contains China’s monarch, minister, assistant and envoy on the Yin and Yang Avenue since ancient times. It’s really hard to say how mysterious it is to move the Yin and Yang armies to attack and defend." Speaking of this, Chen Kexin’s eyes are shining with more touching light, and now she obviously has an unusual situation and a goddess of wisdom.
Su Chen asked, "What about this prescription?"
Chen Kexin replied, "In my opinion, this is a peerless good prescription. The more you look at it, the more you feel that the truth is poor. It’s really beautiful for laymen to know. I think this prescription alone will make a new progress in medicine in three days."
"So exaggerated!" Suchen sighed
Chen Kexin nodded and said, "It’s just like you got a martial arts secret."
Suchen clapped her hands and laughed. "See, I brought you something good."
"Yeah, how can I thank you for your sister? !”