"Hit your chest!"

6 can drink a high figure suddenly disappeared.
Wang Cheng’s pupil shrinks like a needle at the corner of his eye, and he turns out a pale blue sword in his hand and looks across his chest.
6 can figure shows the right hand dragon pattern reappears!
The black dragon head seems to drop the fiend pestle to break Wang Cheng’s sword and rush to Wang Cheng’s chest.
"Click ….." Sternal fracture sound has just set up some high-spirited winds in sword domain. Wang Chengru was collapsed by thunder bite his chest bedding face, and 6 can of black strength broke through the body. Wang Cheng was several grades higher than the emperor. After several confrontations, he was able to kill the black strength of the invader.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw 6 Can’s demonic smile.
"Kick your skull!"
After saying his word, 6 Chan turned his left foot backwards, and his whole body stretched like a bow, limiting his left foot to sweep Wang Cheng’s head like a tomahawk.
"Can escape!" Wang Cheng has no idea of confrontation at this time. The first reaction to seeing 6 Can Fei feet is that he can escape this unhappiness.
But this luck didn’t last long.
A moment of truth, a lag, a withdrawal, and a stop
Wang Cheng’s posture did not swing without the support of Zhen Yuan.
In his horrified eyes, 6 can’s left foot flashed, and the other white light crashed into his head.
Wang Cheng, who exhibited the sword domain in the later period of the Emperor’s territory, was kicked off by 6 Can without even showing the power of the sword domain.
The huge impact made his body roll like a wooden stake in the forest, and he put it on the wall and then slipped like a toad.
Touched almost didn’t feel the pain. Wang Cheng’s mind was in a trance. What did he really want to be imprisoned? What didn’t really want to defend himself? That broken rock didn’t hurt himself.
Surrounding crow
People have been shocked by many times and have lost their ability to express themselves.
The battle between the late emperor and the peak emperor has just ended.
Three strokes and two types of light flashing, except for the one where 6 can disappear, everyone can make it, but this simple move of 6 can beat a master in the late imperial realm!
Don’t ask for hurt, ask for shock and deterrence. When 6 Can kicked out, the holy light also contained one of them, which had already broken Wang Cheng’s skull, but the holy light that followed immediately made him recover.
No one can present the change at that moment.
Point to where you want to go.
6 Can’s battle against Wang Cheng seems to be that the predecessors are generally indifferent to the guidance of the younger generation.
"The old man learned a young kung fu!" A stuffy word Wang Dun stepped out.
Up to now, 6 can has lost two imperial masters in a row, and both of them are better than others. No one doubts that it is madness for 6 can to challenge three people before the war.
Six families have a little more anxiety and hope about the battle between 6 Can and Wang Dun. Perhaps this has repeatedly created miracles. 6 Can can defeat this fighter’s ultimate master of heaven and earth.
The Wangs, on the other hand, have more inexplicable worries. For the first time, they have doubts about the ancestor of Wang Dun. Can the ancestor defeat the magical boy?
See Wang Dun appearance 6 can smiled, he was about to see this world peak strong and those who then fix the true difference.
The peak of the celestial realm is the peak of human Wushu in the divine realm. That is to say, Wang Dun has entered the peak of the celestial realm for 20 years. Although it seems to break through the peak at any time, that layer of obstacles will eventually leave him at the peak of the celestial realm for 20 years.
It is said that the master of Zhongtian realm has the skill of the man of God and the talent avatar, and this warrior has a unique attack.
Facing the celestial people 6 can also dare not have the slightest carelessness.
In the face of Wang Dun’s declaration of war, 6 Can remained silent and slowly looked forward to the cooling of several skills.
Only by being flexible and careful can you defeat this mysterious master of heaven.
"The old man’s younger generation will make the first move."