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The emperor controls the sword!

Nine handles for sword control
Yun Fan will continue to storm Shang Hongshou by integrating the imperial extremely Geng Jin firm but gentle into the sword, and also display the tactics of controlling the sword by the emperor to stop the five King Kong from being bad.
Each of the nine handles of Wang Baojian contains 10 million Jin of extraordinary power, totaling 90 million Jin of extraordinary power, and the speed reaches 36 times the speed of sound.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
I heard five metal explosions.
The five indestructible strong men were hit by nine Wang Baojian handles before they got close to Yun Fan kilometers.
The impact of 90 million Jin of juli was terrible. The five indestructible strong men were all blown away, one by one, flying thousands of meters.
And there is golden blood in the sky, and 90 million Jin of juli attack has also done some damage to King Kong’s health and caused some damage.
At the same time, Yun Fan’s offensive against Shang Hongshou continued unabated, and even people and swords turned into golden lights and kept attacking Shang Hongshou.
The earth was hit by this terrorist attack into a deep pit, and Shang Hongshou’s body kept sinking to the side and remained at the bottom of the pit.
Sword after sword attacked Shang Hongshou, and the double split was cut off. Wang Baojian split Shang Hongshou’s body with bright golden light and cut out deep wounds one after another.
Shang Hongshou is the second strongest in the big business empire, and the other five are indestructible. The strong ones are killed and wounded again and continue to attack Yunfan.
However, Wang Baojian, the nine handles in the sky, shuttled very fast vertically and horizontally, and the attack power went against the sky. The five King Kong indestructible strong men were shocked again.
The sky is stained with blood again, and the golden blood is extremely eye-catching
Knock, knock, knock …
Yun Fan attacked so fast that he attacked several times in the blink of an eye, and even attacked more than a dozen times in the blink of an eye.
Shang Hongshou suffered more and more wounds after his arms were broken.
The tenth sword!
Shang Hongshou’s golden body was completely broken, and a big hole was stabbed in his chest by Yun Fan’s sword.
Gu Wu’s weight is lighter than the soul. King Kong is not bad. The strong body is extremely strong, but the soul is relatively fragile. The body damages the soul and is flexible
The heart is indestructible, and the strong are crucial. Without it, the strong will die.
King Kong is not bad. Shang Hongshou, the late strong man, died!
The body of Shang Hongshou, a hundred meters deep in the earth, is located at the bottom of the pit
King Kong is not bad. The strong is the real main force of the big business empire. Without the control of the strong, there would be no threat to Yun Fan and Qin Zhiyue.
After killing Shang Hongshou, Yun Fan rose to the sky like a golden light across the temple, and then attacked another indestructible strong man.
He’s a strong killer in Yun Fan in the middle of King Kong’s immortality, so the less resistance he encounters later.
The King Kong is not bad. In the middle period, he was just rocked by nine Wang Baojian handles, and his body was still exploding. Then he saw Yun Fan’s rapid killing, which was simply shocking.
Even after discussing Hongshou, King Kong is not bad, he was killed by Yun Fan. His indestructible body is weaker than Shang Hongshou. How can he compete?
The other four indestructible strong men saw that Yun Fan had killed Shang Hongshou so quickly, and they all looked frightened. If one of Yun Fan’s goals was them, they would also die.
Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh
The four indestructible strong men who were not attacked by Yun Fan hurriedly fled to the imperial city.
There are five broken crossbows in the imperial city. They control the broken crossbows, but no matter how powerful the fighters are, they can’t compete with the five broken crossbows.
Only in the imperial city can they save their lives.
The indestructible strong man who was attacked by Yun Fan didn’t escape back. It’s possible that Yun Fan was too fast, and the golden sword light chopped the indestructible strong man from the sky in the middle.
Then Yun Fan is a violent attack.
It’s too fast. I can’t see Yun Fan after I finish. I see a golden sword light flying all the time and then I chop the ground
Repeatedly attack several times in the blink of an eye
Chapter 294 Goddess Shang Tongtong
Huangcheng huanggongdian
Shang Hongxin’s eyes are splitting, and his eyes are full of anger.
Shang Hongshou died, and the five King Kong are not bad, and the strong ones didn’t go to the rescue.
Not only did it not, but instead, it went into a Yun Fan attack to kill the King Kong. In the middle, it was less than ten seconds.
Just before Shang Hongxin’s eyes, he witnessed the death of two indestructible strong men by Yunfan.
This made Shang Hongxin angry and shocked.